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I got back last night from a week-long vacation in Idaho with my boyfriend. We went out to see his parents and his sister as well as her boyfriend who were out visiting from California. It was interesting to see some of the places that he remembers from high school and meeting his friends and putting names to faces from stories I've been told. Even though his high school days were long before mine, I didn't feel as out of place as I thought I would. His friends gave him a little crap for the age difference, but for the most part they accepted me and joked around with me. Hell, one of them even bought me a beer when we went out one night.

His parents were great. They gave me hugs when we first walked in the door on that first night. Truly welcoming me into their home and their life. When we left yesterday afternoon his dad told me that I was welcome into their home anytime 'mi casa es su casa' (or however you spell that) and gave me a big hug. Then Ira's poor mother was crying her eyes out and making me tear up because it's just so touching to see how much love this family has for their children. She gave me a big long hug as well and told me to take good care of her son for her.

I've truly found something great with this man that I am with and with the wonderful family that he comes from. There is just nothing like this at all and I'm so blessed to have found it with him.