Monday Delirium
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Chapter Thirty
"Care to explain why you made us wait two days before talking to us?"
Margaret didn't care about ranks, she wanted results.
Oliver stood in silence, looking over the head of the R&D division, this doctor of death.
Two days! Sunday thought to himself. Two days! Blended together, gone in a blink.
"After the shock you both experienced I believed it would be best for you to have some days to recover." He lied to them, without hesitation.
"I conducted the more intense part of the questioning to the living twin and dissected the dead one myself. My findings, cross matched with your reports and the information provided by the super computer allowed me to arrive to an interesting conclusion."
Oliver kept his silence. He hadn't talked to Margaret since they arrived and now was standing like a statue, while she sat face to face with the doctor.
"Let me guess: they had an inside man!" Margaret threw at him.
The doctor spoke on, ignoring her remark.
"It would seem by the time the blonde twin was attacked by her sister, the attacker was already dead."
There was a moment's hesitation before anyone spoke.
"Nonsense. What are you implying?" Oliver said.
"Either our enemies learned how to control the dead or an imposter murdered and then replaced the woman hours before the explosion and then attempted to eliminate the remaining twin. Possibly to eliminate potential witnesses or frame them both for this crime."
Oliver felt something twisting inside him.
"Like the young lady said, it's time we get results. If we dismantle the Smile Patrol we'll find the culprit. One of my contacts got the information we needed.
I know where Monday is going to put up his show."
Sunday leaned back in his chair.
"Excellent. I will take over this operation and finish this business once and for all then."
Margaret was about to burst into a furious protest but Oliver was quicker.
He slammed both his fists on the table and looked Sunday eye to eye.
"No." Oliver said. "I took this couple of days to talk to our superiors. They are up to date with your games now or at least what we found out the worse way lately.
They tolerated your experiments so far but the moment they loose agents to your monsters and get to see how your toys keep failing to capture the Smile Patrol, well that made them a bit more willing to listen to me. I have the control of this operation. You will provide the weapons for the agents of my and Margaret's choice we will personally lead this operation. We will infiltrate this event and kill or capture the head of the terrorists."
Oliver turned his back and simply walked away, Margaret quickly following his example. Both left without Sunday saying a word.
The man only talked when him and the android were alone.
"Zero, update weapon request status. I am allowing the distribution of all equipment whatever it is and in whatever quantity this agents require."
The android processed the command without replying.