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A place of thoughts n' conundrums and speculations.
Nymph Lore according to Slick


Nymphs are scattered throughout all of Gaia, and are well adapted in shapeshifting abilities. This evolutionary trait has allowed them to mingle with all sorts of species with creating dozens of hybrid offspring. However, it is currently established that nymphs, full blooded nymphs, exist only as female. They are a single gendered species in its purest form, and extremely fertile. Clans are spawned by their ability to spread vast numbers, and usually are headed by a matriarch. Their male counterpart are the fauns, and it is only through full blooded nymphs that male fauns are able to be born. Nymphs are defined by their elemental trait, though currently the most common nymphs are forest nymphs and water nymphs, each with their differing methods of fighting but similar essences. They share the same mortal spark that producing male fauns spell a certain risk of death; but surviving an ordeal puts her in a class all of her own due to the rarity of survival and low faun birth rate. Nymphs that are pregnant with fauns are labeled Satyrion, and given special consideration by all nymphs in the form of blessings, respect, and rank increase.

Forest nymphs are linked to one sacred tree when they are born. As a nymph grows older, she can wander farther and farther away from her tree or in the case of sea nymphs, her shell. Nymphs that are lucky enough to be born into respected families are able to have their tree grow in the the family grove. Other nymphs that aren't so lucky must be stuck where ever their tree grows. That tree is their lifeforce and blood. If the tree is destroyed, or weakened by sickness, so is the nymph. The family grove is often full of pureblood nymphs, which allows the line to continue on. However, this also puts them in great danger of being discovered, as a family line can be completely wiped out with the destruction of the orchard. It is not unheard of for rival families to burn another grove down to exact revenge or to eliminate competition. Thus, the sacred dwellings are jealously guarded secrets. As a result, many of the forest nymphs resort to underhanded dealings and trickery as a common aspect of life. They deal in doublespeak and the moment they decide to not take a liking to someone, will be likely to stab you in the back.

Water nymphs, on the other hand, cannot be far from their birth source. The farther away they are from springs, rivers, or oceans, the weaker they become. Only the foolish will challenge a water nymph on their own turf. They are generally peaceful with the mermaids, often aiding in their campaigns to eliminate "unpure" peoples with using their magics to summon water spouts to fight. Similarly, their essence is placed in pearls of enormous clams, regardless of the water that they exist in. Harvesting or killing the clam will destroy the nymphs. Due to open borders that water gives them, they are far more territorial and fierce fighters than their forest counterparts, who prefer sly methods over the Spartan-like water nymphs. It is considered a high honor for a faun to be able to successfully seduce a woman of the waters, because most are willing to drown male interests, especially fauns, due to risk of high stakes pregnancies.

Famous Nymph(s)

Slick's Mom
Name: Slick's mom
Any other names: Slick's ma
Age: ask no questions and she'll tell you no lies (appears to be in late 30s-mid 40s)
Sex: Female
Species: Forest Nymph, Redwood Spirit (why else do ya think she's so tall emotion_smilies/icon_awesomeface.gif

Powers/special abilities:
Supernatural strength that would rival a god's
has demonstrated a limited range of creating altered dimensions
controls all wood, both alive and dead
has ability to install forest gifts which range from fertility to curses to other forms of blessings
Sends messages via axe mail
highly keen perception/minor future sight
summoning food from thin air
typical can talk to plants/trees/forest/animals, like Jor she uses them as her eyes and ears around the forest, picking up on things that most forest savvy folk would miss

Height: 7 ft.
Weight: 200lbs
Physique: Extremely physically fit. She is broad shouldered beauty and her muscular strength is defined by living in the wilds for centuries. Lean mean fighting barbaric machine with legs that go a mile long

yah, if she doesn't intimidate you by size or willpower, she'd def be a MILF

Complexion: light chocolate, missing an eye, smooth skin with pointed ears

Hair: Wild black hair, thick and curly, however, unlike Slick, she has a capacity for grooming herself.

Eye color: amber

Any other notable physical attributes: Broad and curvy. She's not quite as big breasted as femSlick, but she's sturdily built. Skin is smooth and unscarred, save for where she has the eyepatch sewn into face. She is a nymph and her youthful appearance makes her still quite attractive. Her scent resembles fresh honeysuckle.

Intelligence level: Disturbingly intelligent, she appears to know more about people that she interacts with than they are willing to let on, especially with the forest folk. However, she is a neutral character at most and her powers that are god-like are used only in cases of mentoring to all. She avoids battle, however she is not afraid to use her barbaric appearance to frighten and intimidate others. Rather keen on witches though, she likes them a lot. Unlike Slick, she has keen knowledge of the modern world and is rather fascinated by progress, so long as it does not harm the forest.

Mental condition: Sane.

Style of speech: no-nonsense English. She's a mom, after all

Religion: Dedicated follower of Pan, supposed lover, though her connections are with the "Horned One" which may or may not be another name that Pan is called.

Occupation: Full time mother and keeping s**t from exploding in the forest. She is the matriarch of Slick's family, and her powers are legendary among the nymphs and other such forest folk. She commands power that demands respect.

Socioeconomic status: old lady with oodles of treasure that she never tells anyone about unless its a crises
Social status: rich hick lady that hides all the wealth in some trailer

Likes: foresty things, keeping the forest happy, axes, throwing axes at Slick, having guests over for tea, jazz music, having a family that's genetically diverse, wrestling local forest deities, sparring for fun, mentoring those who needs it, grandbabies. Lots of grandbabies.

Dislikes: boring men, forest wreckers, forest purists, Jor, alchemists who kill fauns, people who abuse their powers, squabbling daughters, people who don't respect tradition, and annoying gods or god-like beings.

Personality: She is a down to earth, no nonsense lady who's adapted to her surroundings with ease. Unlike a lot of the forest, she is flexible with change and her incredibly long lifespan has allowed her to see the problems of forest folk that are insistent on retaining racial purity. Slick's mom is as unpredictable as nature--calm and kind one moment, cruel and intimidating the next. However, she's become awfully fond of jazz music and it's lead to her interest in being able to attain influence in the modern world. For as outward as she is, Slick's mom does have difficulties with her daughters and retains tough relationships as a single mother with so many children. She is very firm on wanting to keep the forest alive and productive, not only in Gaia but in other realms where she has sent her daughters.

Ambitions: To be able to make the forest flourish on an even grander scale, restore balance in the forest that an absence of fauns had created earlier before their trek to Gaia, and to make sure her offspring don't muck up the spiritual genetic pool. She has a ridiculous obsession with genetics on a mythological scale and in some regards has put her children to the test. Slick and Nils remain one of her own pet experiments to see if she can restore balance.

Habits: She will tell you exactly what she thinks of you, and seems to delight in embarrassing Slick. She also has a habit of sending axe messages because she feels they bring about a certain flair that other types of mail just don't do any justice to. Slick's mom also loves to sing and dance, but she really digs tea parties and chatting it up with people that need a cheering up.

Sexuality: quite straight.
Marital/relationship status: had serious relations with the Horned One, though it turned out that he only stuck around till she finally gave birth to a faun.

Known family/friends:
all her billion daughters and Slick as offspring
Nils is known as honored mate

Relationship to family/friends: strained relationship with daughters, mostly due to treatment of Slick.

Brief history: She's Slick's mom and that's all that's important. And she's uber powerful

Anything else: Slick's mom is supposed to be overpowered in every sort of way. You can see her as a threshold guardian type, but really, she is there to give advice to people who seem to need it most. Or arrive at the right time when there's a nymph pissing contest and breaking up fights. You're not going to be able to fight her or want to fight her or get her to fight someone, here's merely an ominescent type figure that is there as a mentor to beings of all forms and sizes as she deems fit.

Cept for Jor, cos ******** that fallen snake god for causing Slick's excommunication of the clan.

Slick Southpaw
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