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Thoughts Anyone
Just nonsensicle rants that I produce when bored. I know you don't read it anyway, so why bother?

Right, well ignoring the Child molester, I continued on and battled trainers, level grind a bit. Oh what the hell?! I thought only gymleaders pulled that full restore crap. b***h. For your insolence you die. emotion_smilies/icon_donotwant.png So I made trainers know their place. Bitches need to know their place.

After grinding while more with Anne, She evolved! OH SNAP! and now all the Pokemon I have so far know Absorb. Rock pokemon are ******** yo. As they now are all a good level 10, Imma head into the forest now and head to Rustboro.

So inside the forest I run into a pokemon I already have. Well shizz, so I decided to just grind a bit more and thankfully there was a wimpy bug trainer. Once I wiped the floor with him I continued on and---OMG! STRANGER DANGER! What shroomish? No you can't see my privates? Shroomish? No! I don't have any drugs! OH! You mean the pokemon Shroomish! Yeah there's one over there. WTF? Why is there a pirate?! ....Dude get away from me! Why do I gotta help you?!

Well, that battle was pathetically easy. Now the pirate stats yammering on how I messed with Team Aqua and how I'll pay. Pfft, yeah right. Shroomish guy turns out to be carrying some important papers and gave me a great ball in thanks.... I was right! OAO He is a *****! Then he runs off after the Pirate. Wait... How the hell is he gonna help when he made me fight for him!? Oh well, on to Rustboro.

So once I get out of that stupid forest I talk to one of the non-traniners and hey! I got a TM! I pocketed that sucker and headed on to Rustboro. Fighting some people on the way. Oh hey my first double battle! Sweet! Kay so I made it to Rustboro City and it looks more like a City than Petalburg. now what? Oh right Gym battle and trainer school. First I'm gonna explore... So far I got two things for free and learned that the DEVON CORPORATION is something big. Oh and the Corp president and son like to collect rare stones. =_=

So I decided to check out the trainer school first. Nothing big there except for getting a quick claw and learning about statuses and OMG! That Creeper from Petalburg is back! Why is he watching children!? NO I DON'T want to know your name creeper! I backed away from him and fled. Seems like the gym leader is ROXANNE though, and she has ROCK types.... MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!

Playing it a bit safe, I turn to route 116 for a training montage! Oh lookie! I caught a Taillow! Hmm... What to name him....HIS NAME SHALL BE MARKLAR! Now back to LEVEL Grinding. OAO Whut!? Now I run into I skitty!? I want it so bad but... ********! Bye bi~! smilies/icon_crying.gif Well now that they all are at a good level IT IS TIME!

Well, now, I kick open the door to that Gym Yelling "FOR LITTLEROOT!" And take out the three lackies with just two pokemon. Feeling sure of myself I go and Challenge Roxanne. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! ANNE!!! YOU b***h! So after what was an easy battle and an avenged death of my beloved Beautifly Anne, I pimp slapped the b***h for killing Anne and get out of there to give her a proper funeral. She shall be missed. Remembering my badge I come back and glare at her! I've raised Anne from a Wurmple! She'll never know my pain!

Before I can even get to the pokemon center to bury my Beautifly, some a*****e in a Pirate outfit runs down the road, with pathetic Shroomish guy behind him. I was curious so I quickly went to heal my pokemon and see what the hell was going on. Turns out the pirate stole some goods and I was roped into getting it back. God why does this sound like a drug deal going on.

OMG YAY! Then Lilly Evolved! I guess this makes up for *sniffle* Anne's death. It's not fair! She's my first one! FIRST ONE!

Wow, I cornered the pirate in a dead end cave. He put up a fight, he even took an old man's pokemon! That's it no MERCY! Marklar took down that mofo in one hit! Now is this pokemon okay? OH! Right, he's yours. Wait you'll do me a favor later cool! Right Cottage near Petalburg Woods. Got it! Well, better go take these goods back.

Well, Now I feel like a Drug dealer. Take the stupid thing. No! Stop giving me BALLS! I'm not Kou Ichijo! I don't love them balls! And so I meet their president. Nice guy, really. AND OOOO! Did I just score a free phone! Why yes I did! emotion_smilies/icon_awesomeface.gif Wait.... You want me to deliver s**t you were supposed to!? WTF? Really? A letter? Sure! I'll deliver that! It's on the way anywho. To STEVEN? My bishie senses are tingling.... ******** YEAH I WILL!!! Hmm... that favor with that old guy might come in handy.

Anne Lvl 2-12 She shall always be missed

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