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Sasu's Journal
For my friends.~
Sorry. I suck at these. v_v

Gutsy Shinobi (Gutsy) - <3 This qt pi. Ugh I have so much stuff to say I don't even know where to start. LOL. You say you remember seeing me in Towns before we met >_> I don't remember seeing you, you must've been spying on me LOOLjk I remember our first actual convo. My friend invited me to his Rally and everyone was afk except you. So I went over and poked you. LMFAO Best convo ever right? LOL I would have never thought a poke can lead to you becoming my best friend. At the time we weren't so close but after I talked to you more I realized that you was a pretty cool guy. B] Ayee we would talk mad s**t about the people we hate LOL I'm so glad we're much more closer now. You're my closest friend, I've always wanted a friend I can tell everything to and that we would be always close. Wow, isn’t that you? LOL We laugh too much at everything Omg, I swear when I'm with you I can't breathe. (TELL THEM IT ITCHES GUTSY!@!@@) ROFL. :l s**t is real now, Where’s my tire bracelet? LOL Anyways ranting <_> Gutsy, you're really sweet, one of the sweetest guys I've ever met. You know how to treat people with respect THATS WHAT MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL QURL LOLjk If anybody hates you they must be stupid as fawk because you're a total sweetheart. I'll fite them for being an idiot. We get along so well and we always agree on everything. I've never met someone who I tend to agree with all the time, It’s as if we're the same person LOL (; That's why I'm proud to have you as my twin. You'll never be replaced c: You'll always be my twin.~ <3 Thanks for all the random nicknames btw, LOL They're all my favorite (; I always love talking/texting/hanging with you, Our convo's never get boring and we always have funny s**t to say. I trust you with everything and I'll always be here for you when you need me. Always remember that because I can't stand it when you're sad or feeling blue v_v it makes me really sad and shitty. I can't wait till we meet. That's going to be funny omg v_v all we'll do is probably laugh. Then after we can go shopping for cult boots LOLjk C: We're so going to a Giru concert and a con. That would be so fun, we’d probably get kicked out for laughing too much and being silly. I swear, you becoming my friend really changed me, I really can't ask for more. No matter what, I'll always be there for you and I'll always have your back, just like you have mine. Our bond is unbreakable, Try to break it and we'll fite you (; our tag team trolling is flawless~ we’re so OG LOL. Thanks for being my best friend, Stay the best and never change or i'll hit you with my tire bracelet. You're perfect the way you are, and I truly mean that Mr. Romantic Seme. ;//; Mess with my Gutsy qurl and i'll make sure you'll regret it. <33 I told you your shoutout was going to be the longest LOL. Hee. ILU GUTSYY!~!!@!!~! BLUSHUUUU. <3.

The Black Cauldron (Rai) - Rai bb <3 Wow, We've been through a lot haven't we? LOL Rai, You've always been there for me, helped me through a lot of stuff, you’re just amazing, that’s why everyone loves you, because you have a great personality. You are my best friend <3 what more can I ask? I remember how I met you c: We were in a crowded Narutard rally and you approached me and politely introduced yourself. You were really nice and I wanted to get to know you more because I like nice people like you, so I started talking to you. I'm sure glad I did, we’re really close now. You say the most hilarious s**t that makes me die so bad, you always got something to say. Wtf LOL you always afk-ing in Towns or Rally ~_~ you always make really sexy avi's and you have a good taste in music. I enjoy talking and hanging out with you, I swear, each time we all hang out it’s like a new adventure, something cray always happens. (; Our convo's never seem to get boring, we’re so random. Remember when You, Me, and Dante were on the phone? You guys were crazy LOL Like I said to Dante, We need to do that more often. When you troll you know how to put people in there place with your comebacks. (; It’s funny how easy you get people mad. People think they can take you head on but LOL you're untouchable. They're messing with the wrong person. I really hope that someday we can meet. It would be amazing to meet you, imagine all the stupid s**t we would do? One of the things we should do is go to a Breathe Carolina concert. (; We don't need a shirt, We'll go topless LOLjk ;_; Oh god remember how brave we were when we watched that gore video v_v we are so brave, I couldn't sleep that night.. <3 Rai bb, Thanks for being there for me, Stay my friend for a long time c: Okay? You're a real good person, a true friend and I don't care what people have to say about you, They can go finger themselves to SasuNaru yaoi because they don't know s**t about you <3 Hey, We need to go shopping for purses, I think i need to buy a new Nicki Minaj weave too LOLjk ILU !~!~!~!!@!@ -Sucks into purse- oBo

Jeremy Renner (Nero) - Mmm~ Dem ankles (; LOLjk Oh Nero, I'm so glad you're one of my best friend’s c: You're sweet, blunt and sometimes scary LOL Its impossibru to not love you. You protect your friends from harm, you’re just like Iron Man (; you can be my hero any day bby qurl. You're super funny even if you're not trying to be LOL You make me giggle even at times when you're telling someone off, You know how to put them in their place. I'm glad I got the chance to become friends with you. Remember when we had our little drama? I can't believe that happened honestly. Who would have thought after we straighten things out, in such little time you'd become one of my best friends? I'm glad things are better now c: Thanks for all the stuff you've done for me Nero, I really appreciate it, you’ve helped me out a lot. v_v Your profiles are effing sexy, I still have all the ones you made for me, I'll use them again (; and every cosplay you do is flawless. People may think you're mean but I don't think so. You're one of the sweetest people I've met here, they just don't know you, they need to know you better so they find out how sweet you really are. <3 Its gonna be fun meeting you at Anime Expo. We're gonna be super crazy and hyper LOL Watch us get kicked out. We should buy matching Iron Man shirts and carseats LOLjk I remember when my Mom brought home donuts, I was all 'This isn't made right, it isn't the same. Nero didn't prepare these.' I'll always remember how we would be on FB spamming everyone like crazy c: Dat Pikachu hat Nero LOOL I hope I start to remember to watch Supernatural, I only watched episode 1 xD Everytime I think of the lady catching on fire on the ceiling it always makes me laugh v_v idk I'm weird. Anyways, ILU Nero and your ashy ankles <3 I hope we stay friends for a long time. Oh yeah, see you in bed >//< I'm going to unleash the supernatural on you LOLjk -Gives you the eye- (;

Pyro Mustang (Dante) - LOL This hoar, this effing hoar!!@!@ Oh god Dante, Everything you do makes me laugh, seriously. Your typos are hilarious as hell and your sense of humor kicks a**. You'll always be my Ste-twin c: I remember when we weren't so close; we used to hate each other. v_v -emo corner- LOL But now that we're closer, you are really an amazing friend, one of my best friends. You care so much for your friends, and you always want to protect them no matter what. Even if it means typoing like crazy LOLjk I'll always remember my favorite typo of yours 'Sado Dapdo' LMAO Wtf is that? Anyways back to my topic, It's really fun talking to you~ You're one of those kinds of friends that will never be boring or annoying. You showed me alot of Kpop vids and thanks to you, I love MBLAQ even more now. Omg, Remember when You, Me, and Rai were on the phone? LOOOL Dude, That was so funny. You guys had me crying. ;_; We need to do that more often. LOL I love all the cute art you've drawn for me, especially the 'cool story bro' one, all of them are my favorite c: Your art skills are really improving, you should open an Art Shop soon. You always make these qt avi's that looks like Loli's (; but they're still pretty sexy. I can't wait till we meet at Anime Expo. Omg that day will be crazy. We would be so loud and stupid, we’re probually going to get kicked out LOL <3 ILU alot Dante!!~ Stay the best and amazing because thats what you are. c: I'll always have your back bby (; Btw, i have a confession... I tried on all your Loli dresses in your closet LOLjk <3

Swirled Sweets (Kristen) - Omg Kristen ilu qurl seriously <3 You've been my friend for so long, You're sweet and kind, You're just really lovable. I remember how we met, it was my birthday and you commented me a greeting c: I started to think, Wow this girl is really nice. We've been through a lot, especially with the stupid dipshit Stacia trying to mess with us, Even though that happened I'm glad you remained by my side. You always make these really sexy a** avi's (; Your art is good too, Its really cute, I love getting art from you. You get confused so easily but it makes me laugh LOL Even though you get confused a lot you know what to say when its time to be serious. I remember when you gave me advice I was all, 'Wow, Did that really come from the confused Kristen?' LOL <3 One thing that will always make me laugh was when you told me you sniff the bracelet your crush gave you. 'I sniff it because it smells like him.' Omfg I die laughing every time I remember it LMAO. If anyone picks on you Kristen i'll protect you. No one messes with my Kristen; I'll make sure they regret it because you mean a lot to me. c//:

Your Princeling (Lucy) - Uhh Stop switching accounts -_- LOLjk I've known you for awhile its just you keep changing your accounts I don't remember how I met you, but who cares <3 You're really an amazing friend. You care so much for me and you always make sure I'm okay. You're really sweet and you know how to get serious when the time is needed. You give really good advice, and I want to thank you for the stuff you've done. You're funny and you're one of my favorite’s bby qurl. (; ILU Lucy <3 Continue being the best and don't let anyone push you down, because if they do I’ll smash their face into a wall. (; Fite me.

DeathbeII (Waffle) - LOL Waffle, Amg where to start with this crazy qurl? Even though we hardly get to talk now since you're busy, I want to let you know you're still one of my best friends <3 I miss talking and hanging out with you. All those memories we had messing around with noobs in Towns LOOL. I still remember how I met you. You were talking to yourself.. I was like, 'Is this girl okay? Maybe I should give her company..' Wow, Look what happened now? You became my best friend. My first true best friend on Gaia. We've been friends for how long? Like 3 years? Time sure goes by fast <3. You're one hilarious qurl Waffle with a wonderful personality, and you're always protecting me just like a big sister would. You care a lot about me and I care for you too. You're wise and I should start listening to you more often since you warned me a lot about things but I was too stubborn LOL. I hope someday we can meet xD That would be so fun. I would buy you all the makeup and Hello Kitty stuff B] LOL You can make a movie called 'Waffle in the U.S.' LMAO it would be rated R. Anyways Waffle, If anyone hates on you (; We'll ******** em up. People may think you're mean or whatever but I don't think that <3 You're really sweet, they just don't know you like I do. <3 ILU WAFFLE!! Always remember that c:

Valiantly (Vali) - Mmm, Dat blue lipstick LOL Omg, Vali ilu dude. Seriously, you're hilarious even if you're not trying and you're one of my best friends on here. Thanks for always keeping me company when no ones on and it's always fun to talk to you. We always have the most cray cray convo's. You text me random s**t too sometimes. Like that one time you texted me 'Sasu, What color jacket should i wear bue (you spelled it that way) or green?' I was like, 'Da fook, this Nggr.' LOL You cosplay the most random s**t dude, and your taste in music makes me giggle. I can't remember when or how I met you since you changed your name multiple times, but I would never have guessed that you'd become one of my best friends. Every black white washed guy I see they remind me of you Vali LOOL. Thanks for always torturing me with the broken glass song, Who knows you might be right, someday I might actually like that song ~_~ Stay the best vali qt and never change ;_; <3.

Dolci Belle (Bech) - Well if it isn't little Ms. Jail Bait LOLjk Bech qt, You have such an amazing personality, You're really sweet and bubbly who tend to always look on the bright side no matter what. Its funny talking and texting you. c: Thank You so much for all the things you've done for me, really, You helped me a lot. I hope everything turns out amazing for you, seriously, an amazing person like you deserve only the best. You're such a Uke v//v I've never met an Uke like you LOL You say the most random stuff too. I thought Ukes were supposed to be the clueless quiet types LOLjk~ You always make really cute uke avi's (; Oh and never forget our group OMLU.~! Anyways, Thanks for always having my back, Remember I'll always have yours too Bech. Anyone fawks with you i'll go ape Seme on them LOL ilu beautiful <3

Nintendobe (Dobe) - Back up bitches, this one here is my girlfriend. (; LOOLjk. Dobe <3 You're such a sweetheart who cares so much for your friends. It's super impossibru to hate someone like you. You're one of the sweetest people I've met on Gaia. I love talking to you, you're so funny too. Hnng you always have sexy a** profiles and your cosplay's are sexy.~ LOL. I really don't remember how I met you v_v but I'm super glad you're one of my friends. It's true, I'm thankful. Anyways, ranting much ilu Dobe <3 Stay the same pretty lady (you're effing beautiful) and if anyone messes with you, call me. I'll be there in a heart beat to fawk them up. (; No ones messes with my qurl. LOL

Itachi-ox (Cox) - LOL Coxy qurl you so cray cray~ You have a sexy sense of humor and you're always fun to talk to. (; You make everyone laugh with the most random stuff you say, even if its racist LOL. Geez, I've known you for a long time, Probually ever since I started Gaia. Good thing about it is you havn't changed at all. You're still the same random Cox. Remember how we used to s**t RP in comments? LMFAO. Omg I'm never gonna forget the random jolts of hyper You, Me, Gutsy and Nero get when we're on FB. Spamming the fook out of each other and s**t <3 Never change Cox, Stay random qt~ .//. Oh and you have a sexy accent. Say my name baby, say it proudly LOOLjk.

Knight Rin (Jeff) - <3 Qt pi Jeff.~ Amg qurl, You hardly go on now, either that or you're too busy switching accounts LOLjk. I enjoy talking to you because we always laugh and agree on pretty much everything. You're a real sweet guy who always puts his friends first and you make sure your friends are happy. You respect your friends and you know how to treat them right, that's what a like about you. No matter what Jeffy, you'll be one of my favorite guy friends (; Talk to me more often so we can get close again. Oh yeah and let me touch your nice hair bby boi -touches- LOL ILU Jeffy!!@!#@

Injuring (Charlie) - Wow, I'm mad, I'm done. LOL Charlie you're one funny guy who always makes everyone laugh. You have a sweet side, you just need to show it a little more and I know you tend to care a lot about those close to you. c: Sure, we had a few fights but that’s all in the past now. Gosh, I can't believe I've known you for like 2 years. LOL I still remember our convo on the phone, we failed but it was funny. Remember our old group? 'Team Short Shorts with No Whores' LMAO wtf we were noobs back then omg. <_> Anyways, ranting much, <3 ilu Charlie, stay the best you can be. Btw, Dude lets go to the mall and buy matching Jordan’s then after I'll treat you to kfc for some 'Friend Chicken' hee. Inside joke. <3~

Diligently (Dili) - Ohey hoar LOLjk Dili you crazy nggr~ You're slow as fawk but you're pretty funny LOL <3 I'm glad to have you as my friend you make me laugh a lot on how confuse you get sometimes. (; I love how we have our little inside joke 'Where the razor at?' v//v Oh Dili, lets get bald like Stacia LMAO. I don't remember how I met you v_V but I do remember the time Noc and I prank called you LOOL. Omg I died, You couldn't even pronounce our usernames right~ Good times T_ T anyways, ilu Dili <3 Stay clueless and confused LOLjk.

BIeed (Texas toast) - ;_; Texas qurl bieed LOLjk. Although we hardly talk now -emo corner- LOOL I just want to say you're a pretty cool guy with nice a** avi's and a toasty sense of humor.~ There was a point where we sort of got close but it kind of died off v_V Well its never too late to fix things right? B] Let's talk more often qt, Maybe we can restore what we used to have. So I don't have to be last on your profile!@#! IT'S COOL BLEED I GET IT LOOLjk <3 Stay the same qt pi don't let that xbox change you. -Hides your controller- > _>.

Sky of the Light Night (Ryan) -Uhm, ew. Why am I writing s**t for you? LOLjk Uh, I really don't remember how we met. Must've been at cosplay towns? -fails- LOL Ryan, you always make good cosplay’s and your profiles are sexy. Its fun talking to you because you say a lot of stupid funny s**t that makes me laugh so much. You have good taste in music and I love the fact you like Nujabes. Finally I have someone to talk to that knows and loves Nujabes. v_v. I remember I tried to learn how to bboy. You should teach me. LOOL. Its funny how when you make regular avi's our style's are similar. I guess it's because great minds think a like. B] Fku nggr.

Dear Darlene (Aki) - (; ohai pretty lady.~ Aki you're really sweet and generous. I like how you care a lot for your friends and you want to make sure that they're happy. I still remember when you helped me with my Oisin's quest v_v you sent me a trade for 1mili. <3 That was really sweet of you and I still owe you one bby qurl. Don't let anyone put you down because you're beautiful and you don't need people like that. I got your back B] Always remember that. ~ <3. Oh and someday you're gonna become a popular dancer. I'll be watching TV and I'll recognize you! LOL

I IoId (Tom) - Bro, go make me some hamburger helper LOLjk Ugh, I can't stand you dude seriously. jk B] Tom you're hilarious and you're one crayzee nggr. On TC you always got that ghey a** mask on and when you remove it your face looks mad as hell. Smile more nggr LOL. Do it for me. (; Anyways, you suck LOLjk <3. ILU Tom~!~!

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    Aww.. That's so sweet D:
    I ******** love you.
    Someone made a topic about you the other day saying Sasu and gutsy suck or something and I went to that town all like "WHO THE FLIPPIN ******** MADE THIS TOPIC"
    I'll tear apart anyone who ******** with you.

    comment DandySmiles · Community Member · Sat Aug 11, 2012 @ 12:39am
    ; //// ; . . .emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif

    comment 570 Zorua · Community Member · Sat Aug 11, 2012 @ 10:02am
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