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The Journal Of Bōhasu Mika (紡蓮 魅歌)
Kitsuhana/BLEACH: One World - Episode XI
Written By: Jeannette Anne Blanchard

(This is bugged in journal entries. You can view it on youtube here.)

Part I

Back in the Fourth Division lab, Unohana Retsu and Kitsuyou are working on the fight to cure kitsuseki. They are on opposite sides of the room, with Unohana facing towards Kitsuyou, as Kitsuyou faces the back wall, against which is the table Unohana slept on before.
"My, this is such a difficult disease," Unohana softly exclaims while pulling away from a microscope.
Kitsuyou, reading her journal, momentarily turns her head toward her superior to indicate she is listening, but doesn't say anything.
"It is no wonder it has yet to be cured."
"Kitsu-chan deserves trying," the new officer responds, strangely void of emotion, and quieter than normal.
Unohana, looking back into the microscope, "This isn't working either."
Kitsuyou tosses her journal onto the nearby counter, climbs off the stool, and heads for the door.
"Is Kitsuyou-san taking a break?"
She stops, thinking for a while before answering. Kitsuyou does not turn to face her captain, "Yeah... Personal leave of absence."
Unohana watches her leave, before going to retrieve the journal on the virus.

Part II

As Hamika reaches the group, she stops and stands in thought for a moment. The rain and drips off the roof lightly thud on her avocado parasol.
They take notice of her, and Nemu ventures, "Would Hamika no Kimi like to join?"
She looks to Nemu for a second, before turning her sights to Ginryu. As she steps full under the roof, she folds up the umbrella, and carefully puts it down by Ginryu. She then starts going through the coin storage attached to her obi, looking for something.
They stare as she shifts one coin into many with the touch of her fingertips, carefully examining what each has written on it.
Some coins in hand, and putting the rest away, she sits down beside Ginryu, and directly in front of Mayuri due his positioning with the child. She lifts the umbrella up from partially under one of her knees, and moves it to her other side.
Ginryu looks to her hand containing coins expectantly.
Mayuri continues eating his food, but observing the half-kitsune's behavior with a smile.
She shifts the coins into two hot meals, handing one to Ginryu. They are rich in colors, especially green and red, and void of meat.
Nemu's eyes are a little wide at this.
She shifts the remaining three into two cups, handing one to Ginryu, and a pitcher of a milk-like liquid she poors into their cups before setting it aside by her and Mayuri's knees.
Ginryu eagerly drinks his favorite beverage, briefly smiling lightly, and begins eating his own meal.
After a while, the captain begins humming a little inbetween bites.
Hamika briefly freezes at the sound of it, then is slower in her eating, as she recalls the individual who witnessed her singing. She looks to his face for a second through her discomfort of looking at faces, seeing it's the same eyes as when she caught glimpse of that individual as he was leaving. By this point, her blushing is as deep as it was with a face suddenly near hers.
His honey eyes were drawn to hers, drawing hers back, into a locking of doe eyes.
After a moment of this, Mayuri pulls out of it, continuing his lunch.
She continues as well, more relaxed, though shifting her lightened focus back to Ginryu.

Part III

Ukitake Jushiro is sitting on a sofa in the lounge, watching Kitsueichi Kitsuyou Aihana and Shirokitsu Hiro.
Hiro walks up and sits nearby, completely unthinking of the possibility she might still be angry. "How is Big Sister liking her new home?"
She doesn't face him, continuing to focus more on the book she's been reading. "Fine."
He blinks at her distance, but continues, "What are Big Sister's superiors like?"
With a half smile, "Comical. The lieutenant is harsh, and the captain is lazy. They're improper. Not at all like Clan Shirokitsu."
His response is exaggerated, finally drawing her attention from her studies, "What!? My captain is utterly proper! And, my lieutenant is some delinquent with face tattoos!" He wiped his hand down his face, fingertips rubbing his face's sides, as he says 'face tattoo.' "I half-expect them to start fighting!"
Lightly laughing, "My superiors fight."
"Do they?"
She turns her attention back to the book, being withdrawn from him again, "Yes!"
With his brows furrowed, "Why is Big Sister being so cold?"
Her own brows furrow, and she snaps the book shut, rising to her feet, "Cold!?"
She glares down at him.
He looks timid, but rises in turn, "Yes! Cold! Aihana-san is affectionate, not some aloof bookworm!"
"Hiro-kun is not a child anymore! We will not easily forgive something so inconsiderate!"
"We're inconsiderate!? Aihana-san is about one level nicer than the bullies when we were kids! Always being rough and ignoring personal boundaries!" His eyes narrow, "Maybe Aihana-san should learn to be more proper, and stop confusing people!"
Her eyes are just as narrowed, and steeled with anger, "Get out." She pulls her mask down from atop her head, to properly over her face, "We are an officer of this division, and we are ordering Hiro-kun to leave."
His anger disappears, and he briefly stares before responding, "Okay."
The look on his face as he departs is one of shock and sadness. While he is not grasping what he did wrong, he is certainly feeling the consequences.
Ukitake stares as she fumes for a while after.
Finally, she speaks, as she relaxes back down, "I used the wrong I..."
She collapses to sitting cross-legged on the floor, and pulls her mask back up with one hand, while opening the book with the other. She quickly finds her place.

Part IV

Entering the Fourth Division laboratory, Kurotsuchi Mayuri proves to have brought Ginryu.
He quickly assesses the scene. Unohana is being assisted by her lieutenant, and Kitsuyou is absent.
"Kitsuyou-san is on leave," Unohana explains while working on a fresh experiment.
Mayuri, as he approaches them, "Peculiar." He begins examining the paperwork of what they're up to, but soon hands it to Isane, before taking the journal off their counter, and heading to the back table with it.
Ginryu stares up at the strange women. They look very different from his mother and cousin, though Unohana is roughly the same height as Hamika.
Unohana goes to push him gently towards Mayuri, but stops short of getting her hands burned by a quick burst of blue fire around the child's being that shot up from the floor. Isane jumps into a defensive pose, her left arm extended in front of her captain.
"Ginryu-chan," Mayuri calls him over to the table, looking amused.
He listens, traveling in a quick burst. Though, he then retains staring emotionlessly at the women from the safer distance, curiously watching the strangers.
Unohana notices there is a burned ring on the floor where he had been standing, though continues working.

Part V

Kitsuyou is in a dimly lit bar somewhere in Seireitei, flushing her evening down the metaphorical drain.
Her right knee is propped up, and she's leaning on her left arm, swirling the assumably alcoholic beverage in her small cup by moving it in a circular fashion. Her new uniform's a little messed up, displaying some cleavage, and her Nine Tails haori's on the floor behind her.
To her left is seated another woman drinking with her, a random Shinigami with shaggy, shoulder-length brown locks, and rectangular glasses. Her hand is on Kitsuyou's left thigh, seeming to indicate intimacy.
Two figures step into the light some feet off to her right.
She looks forward as she senses eyes on her, glances to her drink, then turns to look to them.
Eigokitsu is seething, and quite menacingly flushed.
Kurokitsu looks and sounds disappointed, "Youyou is...?"
His younger brother cuts him off, "While Kitsu-chan is dying, You-san is getting wasted!?"
Across the way, Kyoraku Shunsui sets down his own drink, observing the second fight to occur around him today. Albeit, the one earlier was in a nearby room, not directly before his eyes. These people are so aggressive...
Kitsuyou is unmoved by his anger, "Kitsu-chan is as good as dead..." He quickly heads towards her as she pauses. "Why should I stop living my life just because Kitsu-chan..."
As she looks up to him, he punches her hard in the left eye, sending her back into her companion, who lets off a quiet, short scream, and begins cowering behind her.
As Kitsuyou goes to get up, with sum tipsy difficulty, Kurokitsu beats her to responding, attacking Eigokitsu from behind. He sends his younger brother into the table, the women were seated at, breaking it.
Kyoraku rises to his feet, ready to intervene...

(This is bugged in journal entries. You can view it on youtube here.)

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