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Character Description
Jason "Ice" Bellamont
Master Ice

Name: Jason "Ice" Bellamont


Biography: Species/Race: Ice Abatwa (banshee)
Height: 5’1

Weight: 100

He has been kept away from the outside world until he was 200 then his clan was slaughtered by an angry fae queen who the Elders had been rude too and had not apologized to. he was out gathering food when it happened, and then BAM 23 years of dealing with our world. he is xenophobic, naïve, is afraid of sudden loud noises
His Clan Bello originated from South Africa, they soon migrated to France where they adopted the name Bellamont. His clan soon then moved to Ireland to hide out in the rolling hills and to be among the other magical folk.

The origin of his clan: his clan started out with a cursed woman who wouldn't let her husband go, she asked a voodoo man to bring him back, thinking he would be like he was before. The Voodoo man told her to go to the grave and wait for her husband. She did as she was told, when her husband rose from the grave he was a rotting corpse. The woman screeched so loud and was so scared her hair turned white ,she tried to run away but her husband grabbed her. His touch was ice cold, giving her frost bite in the warm summer night. He dragged her down to his grave to live as she wanted, together.

Personality: Once you get to know him he is very kind, giving, sweet, trusting and loyal to those who get past his xenophobic attitude. He loves to bug people He cares about.

Quirks: Is afraid of Sudden loud noises and is xenophobic. Very naïve and gullible
he is very allergic to any honeysuckle, it cripples him, make him vulnerable, sap his energy and his powers.

Abilities/Powers: When he cries, his tears can heal any wound. can screech like a banshee when frightened. Play the pan pipe, make his own necessities

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