Monday Delirium
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Just another Friday

Fri handed out the cards as he always did the sounds of the casino flooding his senses from every direction.
"I feel lucky tonight! I feel invincible!"
Fri didn't even smile. He knew who lady luck would favour and it wouldn't be the strange man in front of him.
Friday could see this was an unusual kind of creature in the Limbo, an immortal cursed by something vile that was clearly eating at his mind yet keeping this man from ever enjoying the eternal rest.
"How did you end up here?" Friday asked though he usually didn't care.
"Ohh, I just felt like visiting. I've ever only been here once and didn't stay long."
Friday dealt the cards and barely looked at his own. No point because Friday always won.
Time meant nothing in the limbo and to him it was always Friday the thirteen. He embodied it and no one expected anything but bad luck when he was around.
The man that couldn't die laughed.
"Show me what you got!" he shouted.
So Friday did. "Three of a Kind" Friday announced as he showed his cards.
Not his best poker hand but his victory was always certain in the Limbo.
The man laughed louder than before then threw his cards on the table.
"Royal Flush!"
Friday went mute staring blankly at the cards displayed by his opponent.
"Guess I get to keep my blasted deject of a soul AND I get to win something from you!"
When you play the cards you must always set stakes, except...
"I never said what I would bet... what I would give if I lost" Friday said more to himself than to the stranger.
The stranger cackled and jumped from his seat and onto the table crouching in his black and blue jester outfit.
"Don't be sad! I guess it's destiny! Yorick's bad luck is to be Yorick!
About my prize..."
Yorick tilted his head left, like a curious cat and displayed his hideous grin the one that always made the young prince crawl in his seat and the king and queen change frightened looks. What were their names? It had been so long ago...
"I'll make you a deal! I will never tell you lost if you tell me a way of ridding me of my curse!"
Friday didn't had to think too long about that, he couldn't stand the jester plus a wining streak of... Friday just couldn't stand to loose. To anyone.
He picked up the cards and shuffled them.
"Not sure if it will work but I heard about an item... Maybe it will destroy your curse or maybe it will destroy you."
Friday looked Yorick dead in the eyes.
"Are you ready to raise the stakes?"
Yorick tilted his head right and said "I am all hears."
"There is a weapon, a gauntlet" Friday began as he kept shuffling his dek on and on.
"People say it can kill gods..."

The End?

Mad undead Jester from [Insert Name Here] and [I can't remember the other one either] is a lost soul who enjoys a good fight... I think...

Friday XIII:
Friday (or Fri) is from the Club Limbo rig and he embodies the day he's named after known to bring bad luck to everyone around him makes sense people playing against him should lose (somehow). He has an actual account/avatar/NPC you can look for him. He has a black cat as his companion.

About the story
Came up with this as I went.
I felt like making a Friday story (maybe because my username and OC is also named after a day of the week) and then in the context of a Limbo that works like a casino and bad luck it felt like I needed someone that was in a state of limbo to start with, neither dead or alive. I remembered Yorick.
Then instantly, the current plot on gaia. Gods being murdered with a special item.
I had a story.
Hope you enjoy!