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i hate the world
my life and who i hate the world
i woke up as normal in a room with the light off a scary picture over my head and my school uniform was covered in purple junk from my brother playing around in my room when i was shopping,my school uniform is red with black line on the going down the skirt and a my top is a white shirt the shirt that you were with a tux or to a office job and theres a vest on the vest is a black with red lines out lineing it with my school mark at the top of it my school mark is hs in black on a white roses smilies/icon_rofl.gif it super cute well i had to were the boy uniform for about 7-8 hours because i got a job at my school i am called the goth cop of the halls:ninja: awsome smilies/burning_eyes.gif so my job is makeing shore every1 gone cause last year a girl (freashmen) killed her self in the bathroom.so i get 600 a mouth. so i went home and put on a shirt with chains on it and a fishnet glove on and put black skinny pants on and put on black boats with a chain hanging from 1 side to the other side and i whet to meet my friends lily(she scares me and i threw knifes at my brother but miss on purpose)and lona she transferred 2 weeks ago from newyork she lived in chain but left when she was about 10 or 11 well back to my day we went to weird place like a gothice shop called goth life a person look at me and yelled it her the goth cop of the halls i very know cause i threw a knife at my head master hand ... and every boy and girl knows me when they look at me cause of my head band a black head band with a dead people on it and the back and purple make up lily put on me at the cemetery... so every 1 gave me 5 dollors and i bought new ear rings. they all got scared and hid behide things i left...so thats what happen today o and i was drag to the cemetery at 10:00 and i fell asleep there and it 2:43 and a sharpening knifes to threw at lily and lona cause they drag me there and left me there in the cemetery with a hand in my hand that was from a grove i freacked out i came home and was scaled
so here 1 more reason to destroy the world, the cemetery at night when your sleeping it

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