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My Life, My Story, My Battle, My Path, My Past, My Journey, My Experiences, and My Heart. ♥
Raven's Backstage Omake Theatre


(This is basically just random inside jokes and scrapped literature in script formats. It's all random jokes basically. Enjoy. I know I enjoyed making them~ ^0^ If the <(pointy column/arrow things) symbols don't work it's Gaia's fault not mine too tired to fix it for the billionth time.....)

Baka Brainfeast

Kira: SHHH!!! Be quiet!!! XC *doing a barricade w/ boards against teh door*
Youkai: *in kitchen* Wat?! XP I was juz gettin some food!!! XDDD
Kira: Ur thinking of food at a time like this?!!! *yells* &__& =___=;
Youkai: Ya I mean liek Im not the only 1...*means about zombiez* ^__~ &;3 *shrugs*
Me(Raven): SHOOSH!!! *puts finger in front of mouth* &__& *holding hands on against door as it is bending and cracking* Grr....*angry* &:C *leans back against teh thing*
Kiku: *piling and pushing 2* Erkirgkh...it's not stayin!!!!! O__O; *almost cries and scarred* ;__; *pushes and throws moar in teh stack of wood*
Youkai: Gaiz gaiz plz. No need to worry!!! ^__^
Me: Omfg are you fuggin' srs???!!!!!1 O__O *surprised and angry*
Youkai: Yeah. Don't beat 'em? Join 'em. 8D
Kira: You don't me- *cuts off and sees a bite on Youkai*
Kiku: Holy mother of-*notices too but turns back after hearing door knocks*
Kira: He's a werewolf and undead......this is becoming a suicide mission!!! O.O;
Kiku and Me: Dun give up we still have time!!! &__O *twitch, twitch*
Youkai: Yo, I have an idea... :3
Me: Oh no ya don't!!! *yells* =__=; *le sigh* U__U
Kiku: OHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! *the board break the door down almost mostly you can hear the stuff crack loud* TT__TT *tears*
Youkai: I have an idea, ppl!!!! WHY WONT U LISTEN TO MEH????!!!! &XP
Kira: Cuz ur a traitor. Ur 1 of them now... *srs* -__-
Me: Yeah!!! BURN THE WITCH!!!! O:&
Youkai: No!!! NONONO!!! It's a good 1 I promise!!! :c *pouts*
Kiku: Every1 he might have a point...*they all stop* Wat is ur plan then?
Youkai: If you can't beat 'em, join 'em liek I said before! :3
Kira: That's EXACTLY what a zombie would say!!! *pulls out World War Z liek a Bible* D: D8
Youkai: No if we become undead theyll stop attacking us and well make it to see another day! O: *said loud but still refreshedly smart as a tart*
Kiku: That's...that's actually brilliant. O__O *surprized*
Kira: You know wat...it is. It's so crazy that it just mite work!!! O__o Holy shizz...... O.O
Me: But I dun wanna rot to death!!!
Youkai: You won't you juz might want moar human blood to drink... ^__^;
Me: Ok. I'm O.K. w/ dat hehe :3c
Kiku and the others: LET'S GO!!!!!!!
*later after we become zombies*
Kira: Where do we go now? Followin the group's gettin' a lil old... =__=+ *annoyed and tired from walking*
Kiku: We should get a snack....a healthy 1 that is! ^.^;
Me: Then what do we do?!!!1 O:
Youkai: I have another plan gaiz...!!!! &:3
Kira and Me: Wat is it? ?__?
Youkai: Follow me! & smilies/icon_biggrin.gif *moving*
Kiku: Ok. *follows*
Youkai: *takes us to a big house* Here it is!!! ^w^ *presents like a trophy*
Kira: Y r we at a hose? O.O?
Kiku: Maybe they have healthy veggies to eat... ^.^ *we all glare at her* Meep! &.& ^.^;
Me: Ew oh mah gawd r we gonna have to eat yucky rich ppl food liek caviar EWW??!!!! &__& DDDDX
Youkai: No, calm down. No. :I
Kira: Then wat is it then? X]
Youkai: *goes into the house and opens a door in there and we all follow as he sniffs around*
Kiku: Whatcha smellin' there, boy? O.o
Youkai: Feast ur eyes on this....*he says then presents again gesturing to Annette and Cameran the preps from school cowering and crying*
Kira: I like where this is goin'!!! C:&
Kiku: Me too..... *tilts her head* :3
Youkai: Ladies 1st!! 8D &3
Me: Let's Eat! ^__^ ;9


The Wild Thornkitty

Sable: Bark
Me: WTF O__o;
Sable: Bark
Youkai: You too? That's swell.
Me: WHAT THE ******** IS GOING ON!!!
Youkai: She's speaking my language :3
Me: But she's a cat.... O.o;
Youkai: I can talk to animals. ^__^
Me: Wow...urghhhhhoshgbfgdgfpdhpudfph DX

What Caffeine Does

Raven: *is sitting a coffee table in a black leather chair, drinking a cocktail of blood and coffee shots to bring up her energy as an experiment* Mmm~ Oishi! *blushing from the awesome tastiness, eyes popping*
Kiku: Ohayo, nii-chan. What's up? *walking in and sitting by her*
Raven: Juz tryin' a new experimental red drank! *chugs the whole cup and goes to make another*
Kiku: Can I has? 83 *she begs with big puppy eyes.
Raven: *gives in, buckles down, and makes a whole cup for her* =//=+
Both of them: CHEERS!!!! *both chugging*
Kiku: *pauses* Wait, Raven....is this...sugar?
Raven: Mmmhmmm~ & :3 Why?
Kiku: and caffeine?
Raven: Yeah. Why? ?&__ &?
Raven: No. Wut? O__O;
Kiku: *spazz attack*
Raven: *loses control and joins in*
Both of them: *puts on capes made of goth bed sheets and scream pretending to be gladiators* RAAAAAAWRRRRRR!
Dracula: *walks in with bags in his hands from shopping* Wtf is going on here?!
Both of them: CAFFEINE!!!!!!!!


The Panty Thief

Raven: What the ******** ********? *swearing and mad* DX *cries and whines and has a panic attack*
Dracula: What's wrong? O.o
Raven: My fave panties are GONE. T__T Now I has to wear dumb fat a** period panties.
Dracula: Where did you leave them?
Dracula: But who? O__O
Raven: Idk.............. U__U;
Dracula: Ugh. This couch is soooo lumpy. *He pull the lump out which turns out to be a lacy pair of undies*
Raven: Where did you get that? D:&
Dracula: The couch?
Dracula: I'm sorry?
Raven: *attacks*
Dracula: *beaten up* U__U Ouchie............
Raven: Gomen. *shrugs*
Random theme song singer ppl for sitcoms: THAT'S OUR RAVEN!


Another one bites the Nugs
Raven: *angry motherly tone and yelling* Chiyo! Why aren't you eating your dinner?
Chiyo: *She gets pouty and snotty and a little teary, she folds her arms all emo* Cuz it's vampire food, moooooom. It's juz blood. You NEVER EVER give me normal kid food! *she shoves her blood pie and blood soup away*
Raven: Fine. Then what do NORMAL human kids eat? *I say smartly and loudly*
Chiyo: *almost stumped* Hmmmmm.....welll....&____&
Raven: Out with it! D: &
Raven: Oh, alright.
Chiyo: YAAAAY~ ^0^
Raven: *makes the chicken nuggets*
Chiyo: What's this crap? :/
Raven: Your normal kid food, honey. ;D
Chiyo: That's it. I'm not hungry anymore. I'll head for bed. Nighty night, mommy!
Raven: *facepalms and falls over with rage* =___=


Chiyo: *all innocent cute, she looks up at her mother with big glowing eyes of gray curiousity, she asks stuff as she has her face in Ravens lap* What's virgin? O.o
Raven: *spits out her tea, freaks out, and screams* I mean UH, what was that? Didn't catch it..... &__& (she can't really mean that right?) -__-
Chiyo: I heard "virgin" on the TV on some show about eggs and stuff.....what's it mean, mommy? ^__^
Raven: Wellll.......you see that is uh.....how do I put this to such a little kid? U__U? *kind of blushes and stutters a tiny little bit* U//U
Chiyo: I'm not that little, mama! & :C Now tell me! *she pouts and whines and yells and flails around dramatically*
Raven: It's when you can have something you can only give to someone you love and are married to. ^__^ How's that?
Chiyo: Mommy it was on the cooking show so wtf does that have to do with anything? O__O *all super confused and overwehelmed*
Raven: Nothing. You have a dumb mom I guess.&__&
Chiyo: *confused and ********* It was this oily stuff I don't get it is it part of wedding stuff for vampz? O:
Raven: I'll explain better later....... =__= *she is emotionally exhausted and goes to take a long hot shower to wash off all the embarassment and anger sweatings*
Chiyo: *goes over to her dad and sets herself on his shoulders like a little baby parrot* Dad, what's a virgin?
Kira: O___O;



Raven: *thinking about random words and perverted stuff while spacing out and listening to some nice BOTDF*
Dracula: *walks in with groceries* What does our soup need, princess? :/
Dracula: O///O?
Raven: Ohai. O__o;
Dracula: *backs up, walks away slowly and runs in fear and confused and embarassment*
Raven: *Le Sigh, switches playlist to BVB and other screamo to be safe* U___U



Youkai: *talking proudly and really loudly* I love all hentai and yaoi and yuri even some crossdressing and furries stuff! :3
Raven: SHHHH! NOT SO LOUD WE'RE IN THE SCHOOL!!!! *screams so everyone stares at them* &__&
Everyone else: Raven, what are you yelling about? O.o;
Raven: He was talking about pervy stuff and and and...&///& Gomen.......!
Everyone else: Whatevs. :/ *ignores*
Kira: I juz found out what a bukkake is! XD I literally wtf'd over it all!
Raven: SHOOSH! *covers his mouth* WE'RE IN SCHOOOOOL~!
Everyone else: *looks over at the loudness and the yelling and stuff but is desensitized*
Kira: Raven, if you keep your hand on my face I'm gonna cover it in kisses! ;D Hehehe~
Youkai: And I'll watch! ^___^ Kukuku~ It'll give me ideas for Kiku and I! & XD
Raven: GUYS STOP IT! KIRA IF YOU KISS MY HAND TOO MUCH I MIGHT FREAK OUT AND PEE A LITTLE OR EVEN JUZ FAINT! O///O *blushing and wiggling kinda screaming and stuffs*
Everyone: Raven, watch your perverted mouth!
Kira: Lol. You're soooo tsundere. X3 *pats Raven on the head like a kitten*
Raven: You ecchi bastards.....baka perverts. But I still love you guys. *group huggle*
Youkai: *lift his fluffy tail and farts* OwO
Raven: Ewwww! You crop dusted me you a**! DX
Everyone else: That's it. *reports Raven to the principal and no one else*
Raven: What is my life? =___=;
Kira and Youkai: :3


Youkai-Dooby-Doo/The Case of the Lost Usagi

Kiku: *crying and sighing into her lacy white gloves and handkerchief her tears like big old crystal balls as she puts her face in her hands*
Youkai: *rushes to her aid like a superhero of love and puts his strong hand on her itty bitty shoulder* Baby, what's wrong? :C *whimpers like a sad little puppy with his ears down*
Kiku: Snow White is lost! *She gasps and screams crying even more*
Youkai: Your bunny? D:
Kiku: Mmmhmm. *sad nodding and cute pouting*
Youkai: *hugs her* Don't worry. I'll find her! I have an accute sense of hearing and smell! There's no way I could miss her! *He gets on all fours sniffing ground and everywhere else in the house* No sign of anything so far...
Kiku: I knew it! It's a lost cause! *crying heavy waterfalls of deathly pain at the loss of her best animal friend and companion very emo her cyan hair covering her big red loli eyes* (///__TT)
Youkai: It's no use...all I can smell is...*sniff, sniff* Something from Hot Topic. It smells like one of their Nightmare Before Christmas perfumes...I think it's...*sniffs again while looking around and wincing to think harder and harder and stuff* It's the Sally perfume! Ragdoll! O:
Kiku: Yeah Raven and I just got some along with spike collars, emo jeans, CDs, and some Manic Panic dyes. :3
Youkai: Yeah I can smell those too but not the rabbit!
Kiku: Hm.....*she scratched her head thinking smart like Sherlock Holmes* EUREKA! I GOT IT!
Youkai: Got what? Where's Snow White? O.o;
Kiku: It's elementary, my dear Wolfheart. *She runs upstairs to the big main room there which is Raven's, she gasps at what she sees*
Raven: O.O Hai. Kiku. Wassup? *surprised*
Kiku: *looks down*
Raven: *brushing Snow White's freshly washed angelic white fur, a perfume bottle by the chair*
Kiku: So she wasn't lost? O__o
Raven: No but you complained she was dirty and smelly so I juz...yeah...
Kiku: AWWW, SISSY! NII-CHAN YOU'RE SO SWEET! ^0^ *relieved and happy and grateful she hugs my neck*
Youkai: Now that the mystery is solved I have 1 ?. :/
Kiku and Raven: Wut?
Youkai: Perfume...on a rabbit...why? Wouldn't just the bath have been good enough?
Kiku: *facepalms*
Raven: Boys don't understand these things....lulz. XD
Snow White: And I would've gotten away with stinking too if it weren't for you meddling kids!
Everyone else: *freaked out that the rabbit talked* O__O


The Quotations

Raven: *starts playing the game where we juz quote random animes and movies and lyrics for the lulz* DON'T CALL ME MEATBALLHEAD! DX
Raven: Kolkolkol~
Kiku: Ohhonhon~ ;D
Raven: Your name is Shana.
Kiku: Dattebayo!
Kiku: I want blood meow! =^w^=
Raven: Now I will tell you what I've done for you...
Kiku: How can you see into my eyes like open doors?
Raven: You come in cold, covered in blood, we're all so happy that you've arrived~ ^0^
Raven: Good one! Let's see...A B Negative O Oh!
Kiku: Kiki Kannibal? That'll be hard to top...hmmm...I want to give you everything I'll give you my all because you gave me, you gave me your lips, a gentle kiss the medicine to cure my pain.
Both of us: *We get so into it we just end up doing covers of our favourites, we fall over laughing*
Uncle Dracula: You kids know you're too young for drugs, right? :I
Both of us: O__O


Socks of Wrath

Kira's Mom: Kira get your butt down here your late for school!!! *yells upstairs to him*
Kira's mom: O.O
Kira: OH MY GOD MY SOCKS ARE EVIL! *fighting them off punching them*
Socks: *shrieks* DX


Kira's Mom: You ok....? O:
Kira: The Earth is saved once more. I have tamed the apocolypse &:3
Kira's mom: Okay then.... &__&; *awkward silence that's like forever and ever and ever and never ending and weird and stuff*


Gross out

Kira and Youkai: *They asked a question seriously but it was all weird and stuff* What's the grossest thing you can think of?
Raven: UMMMM IDK! I don't rly think about dat stuff cuz I'm not a pervert like you freaks! XP &__&
*I refuse to be a part of that nonsense because I knew it could only like escalate and stuff like totally from there*
Kiku: Childbirth or periods. *Kiku said quietly and smartly*
Kira: Yeah that's pretty good but what about lint?
Kiku: What about lint? :/ ?
Kira: Pubes could be in it!
Kiku: Ewww! *scarred for life forever*
Youkai: What about soap scum?
Kira: Nah. X]
Youkai: Then how about boogers and puke?
Kira: Yeah those are pretty ick!
Youkai: How about gore?
The whole group: EWWWWW....COOL! *__* *We love gore cause it's horror and we're goth*


I'm on Crack!

Youkai and Kira: *smoking crack, weed, and drugs* Ohhh...yeahhhh....*looking all sleepy and weird getting high*
Raven: *walks in and screams* OMFG WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! *flails arms* &__&'
Kira: Gettin' high! *he say like a Bob Marley CD*
Youkai: Yeah, man. And gettin' down! XD
Youkai and Kira: *bro fist then they start dancing badly from the smokes* ~(.__.)~
Raven: *screaming* You GUUUUUYS! Haven't you read The Bible?! Jesus says it's wrong! DX
Youkai: Okay then. Which part? *he ask all sassy like a diva* =__=;
Raven: *says something random on the spot to get them to shut up* Um, Corinthians! &__&; *lying out her a** to make this go quickly instead of having to get a priest, her parents, and Google*
Kira: God dammit. I guess she's right. But I sooooo totes gonna like miss these weird green aliems. *he said describing him hallucinations*
Youkai: Yeah and that buck-toothed Kakashi....*laughs* X3
Raven: That wasn't fake. That actually happened in the show. &__&
Youkai and Kira: WHOA! *they say whoa at lots cuz they are soooo high*
Raven: -__- *throws bucket of water on them putting out the smokes and the smoke and sobering them up*
Youkai and Kira: *splashed and drenched*
Kira: What happened? Why is there wet grass here? O.o *confused*
Raven: You two was doing drugs and-
Youkai: Oh yeah yeah yeah! I completely forgot we had brownies too! ^__^
Raven: Brownies? And you're not sharing with me? I thought we were friends! How could you?! DX T__T *crying and flapping arms, hands in fists*
Kira: Okay then.... &__&
Youkai and Kira: *looking at each other then smirking evilly* &:3
Youkai: Okay, Raven. You can have some brownies. *gets them out*
Raven: *closes her eyes and snatches them from him all proud and eats them*


Raven: Maybe aliens ARE real! O__O *high as a kite*
Youkai and Kira: *high5s each other*
Ozzy Osbourne: *randomly shows up* Cocaine is a hell of a drug.
*The song I'm on Crack by MSI plays*


A Day in The Life

Raven: What if my Vampire Mode the dead princess that reincarnated from me that is in my mind and soul had full control over my body for a day? Lemme show you. *fades

to red curtain and opens like a play or movie film then zooms in on the scene like it's real life*

Raven: Well, well, well~ now~ My own body again? For a day? Oh the fun I will have. *laughs evilly and mutters in the mirror*
Dracula: *pounds on door* Raven you're late beyond late to school now! By 15 minutes! Hurry it up! I don't want you having detention! D:
Raven: ******** off, old man. Can't you tell I'm busy? Pfft. Talk about Bat p***y....... :/
Dracula: Ugh. Be that way, princess. You can buy those maxipads yourself then! D: & *storms off*
Vampire Raven: Glad that's ******** gone now let's get ready. Let's get hot. Let's get...sensual. *licks tender pink lips and fangs before doing slutty gothic make-up,

giving me the heaviest black and deep red shadow liner I have ever had on my face which is saying a lot, covers eyelids in the dark red stuff then puts a brighter red

in the crease and lightly under the thick natural eyebrow to blend, puts on black eyeliner on all scratchy and messy, lets hair down, looks in the mirror arrogantly

and does a little strip dance before looking for clothes in the large gothic walk-in closet, she opens the black and paperwall Japanese door, digs for clothes, tosses

them around* UGHHHH! NOTHING! Everything's soooo.....restricting! *She looks at the mirror vainly as she holds a ruby red leather tanktop with corset stuff on it, she

sees a scissors on teh table, she cuts it into a tight-fitting belly shirt with no bra, then she takes my shortest red pencil skirt and cuts it shorter, puts it on,

she touches her messy hair* Hm. It looks done enough to me! &:3 *then she puts on black fishnet stockings, combat boots, red dark vinyl cyberpunk gloves, grabs a lot

of my yen(munnies) as she runs out the door all angry that she had to waste her time doing my make-up at all* &:C *stomping meanly*
Dracula: *Hears a noise assuming it's Raven following after Kiku who is already dressed perfect and wide awake* Oh, Raven. You're finally up. That took way less time

than expected.
Raven: Grr! &:C *she growls at him like a snarly rabies dog or like Youkai when you take his waffle*
Dracula: Raven! O: I'm surprised at you! YOU RLY MUST BE ON THE RAG!! *He says all awkwardly loud gasping putting hands on his face like the famous masterpiece The

Raven: That's Princess Anastasia to you, ********! *She shouts swatting his coffee and paper out of his hands and all over him burning him*
Dracula: OOOWWWWWWIE! X__X No more Disney Princesses for you, young lady. *wagging his finger at her as coffee stains up his bunny slippers* U__U;
Raven: ********. Off.
Dracula: *really scared as he looks into her eyes, he can't for more than a sec, he breaks down and cries, and runs away to hide and stuff*
Kiku: Raven. How rude! :C *Kiku says kinda mad but still shyly also afraid*
Raven: *Punches her square in teh jaw*
Kiku: *falls over, looks passed out from the blow, a tiny bit of blood mixing in her listick which is the same colors anyways*
The police: *drive in and leave their car and point a gun at her*
Raven: *puts hands up* Well that escalated quickly. ^__^;
The police: Your under arrest!!
Raven: *muttering defeated* It was fun while it lasted. I've been in the clink before...it ain't so bad.....
The police: Oh wrong house....soz for scaring you, ma'am!
Raven: OMG! *facepalms* Yeah you better be.
The police: Bye bye then. BD
Raven: Grr.....*she growls quietly gritting her teeth* That was too damn close. I better move fast! *She punched open the car window and drove to a bar, she parks and

goes to the door*
Kiku: *slowly gets up* What's gotten into Raven? She always tells me when she's on her period....if there was a prob I'd know....so I better investigate. *She says as

smartly as Sherlock Holmes, she runs and flies following the trail of rubble the wreckless driving lead to, she kind of facepalms*
Random dude: *looks through slot* What's the password?
Raven: I don't need a password, peasant! Let me into your saloon at once otherwise it's curtains! *She threatened, gritting her teeth, eyes glowing like great balls of

fire, stomping and waving her fists*
Random dude: Right this way madame sorry to keep you waiting.
Raven: *grabs his collar* You got REAL lucky this time, punk! The name's Princess Anastasia but any cute boys can call me "Ember"! &;D *sizzle and pose*
A bunch of guys in the bar: *get nosebleeds and faint*
Bartender: A redhead! Finally! We need some fire in this sausage fest. Have a seat, milady. All drinks are on the house cuz your so cute. ;P
Raven: Thank you, thank you. *bows, showing off her cleavage on purpose making them all freak out, she walks over to the seat she wants* Move.
Redneck: AND WHY SHUD I?!!!
Raven: Because the ******** princess demands it. *flips him over making him fall out of the seat as she takes it crossing her legs like a lady*
Bartender: *immediately pours her a shot*
Raven: *she takes it immediately and drinks it down quickly* &:3 Mmmm~ I want MOAR! &;9
Bartender: *keeps pouring her shots of every drink*
Raven: *drinks everyone without getting hammered somehow as the boys in the BG cheer and cheer clapping for her and buying her more drinks*
???: Well well well I didn't expect you to come here.
Raven: *She looked up and saw Kevin* Oh. Your that kid from Raven's skool. Yeah um get lost.
Kevin: No u
Raven: Who here will make me?
The whole rest of the bar: *ducks*
Raven: So you have a reputation. *She says smirking looking him up and down*
Kevin: THAT I DO! I'VE BEEN IN SENIOR YEAR 3 TIMES! Just for fun. ;D
Raven: That's soooo interesting. Tell me more. *She says sarcastically cleaning her ear with her pinky finger*
Kevin: *rambles on and on as Vampire possessed Raven keeps taking shots to ignore him* But anyways you're probably super hammered since I know gurls cant liek drink so I better take ya home! *sexual eyebrows* ;U Plz Raven baby I want you one last time....
Raven: Too small. Next. *She groans, turning away from him, angry pouting*
Kevin: WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Raven: Well clearly your compensating for something if your ego and hair are that large so it makes perfect sense. *She sighs and says blankly*
Kevin: Where do you get off rejecting me time and time again???
Raven: None of the time. You don't phase me, pal. *She says getting kind of annoyed she lightly flicks his chest with a finger and he falls completely over*
Kevin: *gets back up all bruised and mad* Why I oughta-
Kiku: *bursts in* RAVEN! &:C
Raven: Oh s**t. It's that little bitchy one.
Kiku: What has gotten into you? D:
Raven: Nothing rly. *Hiccups*
Kiku: *can smell her breath from across the room, she fans the air gracefully, and then yells and shouts* You've been drinking!!!
Raven: No s**t, Sherlock. &:/
Kiku: You're coming home w/ me rite nao!! D:& *gets angry*
Raven: Make me. *She backsasses at Keek doing a gesture that she should go away, looking away all annoyed*
Kiku: I will *runs over engaging Vampire Mode*
Raven: Aw s**t! *dodges her charge attack and runs off into the parking lot, sprinting, bringing her arms up to go as fast as she can, she looked like a living swastika or an anime character or even Tom Cruise(LOL FAMILY GUY!)*
Kiku: YOU GET BACK HERE! *She demands flying after her, her hair whipping about down and gnarly in the wind*
Elvis looking guy: *drives his motorcycle into the lot, checking out the princess who stops to pose like a model and all sexy, showing off a leg* Where ya need a ride

to, pretty mama?
Raven: Anywhere but here! *she gets on hugging him from behind as he speeds off*
Elvis looking guy: HOLD ON TIGHT! *puts on his helmet and goes even faster*
Raven: *Thinking out loud, almost crying happy tears as the cool breezes and air hits her face* Oh, Elvis I knew you'd save me one day! *she said in a weird whimpery

Elvis looking guy: My name's Mark. :/
Raven: Oh.
Kiku: YARGGHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHH COOOOOME BAAAAAAACK HEEEEERE-AH *she yells and roars catching up to them*
Mark: I must be on crack. O.o;
Raven: Who cares?! Just drive! Take us to the nearest bar and step on it! *She yells at him, punching and hitting his back rapidly hoping it'll be like slapping a

horse and making him go faster*
Mark: Ow..........
Raven: *enters the bar and sees that it's full of young suitors, she smirks immediately, the bar is very much like a raver goth club, it probs was since all the people

there were gothic and emo, she storms and stomps in* &:3
Everyone: O: ?
Raven: LET'S PARTY! 8D
Everyone: *cheers* YAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!1
The boss man: Sorry minors can come in but they can't drink and need to be stamped on the hand. :I *poker face times a million*
Raven: Hahahhahahaha. Your srs? LET ME LAUGH HARDER! HAHAHAHA! *sassing liek Bender then she shoves him outta the way* Yeah ******** that! *She sees a tall 80's style

gothic man/death rocker that looks 27 he's Japanese and has black hair and looks like a straight Adam Lambert because he has some stubble, her eyes sparkle, she makes a cute neko face, she holds her hands* He's too old for me and hairy....perfect!! *she runs over to him, smirking, she winks at him, and poses* Hi. &;D
???: Hey there.
Raven: What's your name, stranger? *She says lightly running a finger on his chest making him blush*
Kai: My name is Kai. I'm staying her with my younger cousin. Thought I'd check out the raves and shiz. I am pretty popular on the club scene so I gets free acccess and stuff. *he says smiling* Aren't you a lil young to be here? You look so small....
Raven: I may be short baby but I'm thousands of years old. *she says stroking his muscles hugging him*
Kai: Me too. Let's dance. ;P *He hits her butt*
Raven: *takes him onto the dancefloor and they mosh*
Kiku: *comes into the club*
The boss man: *struggling up* I'm sorry kids can come in but they have to be stamped.
Kiku: *adjusting her glasses speaking nervously and blushing* Yes! Anything's fine I just need to go through!
The boss man: *lets her pass as someone behind her runs in too*
???: *tries to get in*
The boss man: Hey you too!
???: *shows him a card from his jacket*
The boss man: Your....right this way, sir.
???: *follows Kiku as best as he can but gets caught in the sea of sweaty party people*
Kiku: *wading through the crowd because she's small she stops at the bar to sit down and take a breather, she's never been to a club before* UuU; Phew....*sighing*
The bartender: Got a problem, sweetheart? :/
Kiku: Yeah my cous-my sister is lost can you show me where she is?
The bartender: Nope. :/
Kiku: You sure? Because she's very...red. You kinda can't miss her in all this black......
The bartender: She should be on teh dancefloor. Red....bloody red. LIKE BLOOD ON THE DANCEFLOOR! HEY! THAT'S FUNNY! HAHAHAHA! *loud laugh*
Kiku: *covers her ears and goes on the dancefloor the mystery guy following her she looks and sees Raven* RAVEN!
Raven: *too busy dancing to hear, she hears yelling generally though and kisses Kai on the cheek hugging him as a distraction*
Kai: We're getting awful close....
Raven: The way it was meant to be-*she sees Kiku and her pupils shrink with shock, she looks surprised and scared* Oh no...
Kai: It's okay we can go slow. We don't have to have kids...today. *pets her messy red hair*
Raven: *she quickly ducks down at his knees*
Kai: Wow. I'm lucky. O///O
Raven: Just hide me here ok? &__&
Kai: No...no problem... &///& *has never been touched by a girl before especially one so perfect and beautiful and Satanic*
Kiku: I don't see her....*leaves the dancefloor*
Raven: That was close. Now where were we? *She says coming back up to kiss him but as she leans in she hears someone shout louder than any of the ravers*
???: STOP! Hammer time! Jk. *He sees Raven right away and she looks back at him*
Raven: It's...oh my god....Raven wasn't kidding *she thinks* He's just like Ali...alistar....*she blushes a hot red with steam coming out her ears, her knees are

weak, she falls a little but tries to ignore it and kiss Kai*
Kira: Raven! It's me!
Raven: *kissing Kai to ignore him*
Kira: D,8 *heart shattered* (//__TT)
Raven: *she can't ignore him anymore, she pulls away and glances at him, blushing more* H-hi...A-I mean Kira... *She smiles awkwardly and waves with her fingers*
Kira: Raven, this isn't...this isn't like you....
Raven: I...I know. U///U *guilty and trying to play innocent*
Kira: *walks over to her, grabs her arm, looking mad and jealous as he runs her out with Kiku* By the way, that was my cousin.
Raven: ...
Kira: And today was my birthday.
Raven: Oh my-
Kira: I'm kidding on that last part but still....this day sux. :/
Raven: Hmmmmm....... &///& *her heart is beating really loud as she thinks some more*(This may not be the real Alistair but maybe I have a chance...I better use it

while I still can. At least to say everything I've ever held back.....finally confessing instead of just that underhanded seduction crap. Then I can finally be over him. After all these years.....) *unconsciously leans on him as they walk*
Kira: Raven, you're drunk.....
Raven: Yesss..... *crossing her fingers behind her back but Kiku saw*
Kiku: *In that moment it clicked it was Ember Anastasia/Vampire Mode controlling Raven's body all day, she kept quiet, she didn't have the heart to tell Kira but she kept a close eye on them while holding her tongue*
Kira: Want a ride, Kiku?
Kiku: Not this time.
Kira: Okay. *He eases Raven onto the motorcycle first*
Raven: Kira is this yours? O: *Impressed*
Kira: No, it's Kai's. But that guy owes me so it may as well be!! &:I *still upset*
Raven: *internally swooning as she thinks* (Wow......he looks like Alistair but he's not like him....not all the way. Alistair Alexander would have wiped out the

entire club.....but still his essence is here. He's still protective but in a diff way.....)
Kira: *arrives at the house* Raven, are you okay to walk?
Raven: *intentionally and overdramatically falls over* AH! *she tries to mimic Raven's high voice* Help me, Kira! I say help! I cannot walk any longer!
Kira: *picks her up and carries her in his arms* U__U Your so drunk.....
Raven: :3 &:3
*They get inside and carry Raven to her room, Kiku follows after explaining the situation detail for detail to Uncle Dracula who boils some tea for everyone*
Kira: *puts her on her black canopy bed he looks at the torn clothes and piles on the floor* Wow, Raven. You're really off today.
Raven: I know. I'm sorry. *She says seriously and flatly*
Kira: Wha-
Raven: You heard me. Nao listen to the rest of this cuz I'll only say this once....
Kira: Okay. O__O;
Raven: I like you. Not in the way I've said before. Not just as your gf but something deeper. Its a connection that transcends time and space.
Kira: Raven....are you sure this isn't the whisky talking? O///O You have so much confidence and this is...just so......serious...
Raven: I love you. I don't usually love anyone. Not even myself. But I really love you. *sits up* But...
Kira: *rushes to her holding her shoulders* Raven you're talking like your gonna leave me....
Raven: No. It's just that.....I want you. I want you more than anything else in my life and I've been around a long time.
Kira: *a little confused but listening he sits next to her*
Raven: *She turns to him looking into his eyes*
Kira: *He starts to notice something different, not just in style and demeanor but her gaze, the eyes are red* Your eyes....were you smoking too?
Raven: Heh. Yeah. *rolls her eyes* But back to before.....I love you more than anything. If destroying a planet meant having you I would.......if it meant I could

touch you....feel your hand on mine.....gazing into the stars like centuries ago....have you but not the apocolypse that came from our old dance
Kira: That's sweet and all but this is wrong. Your high and drunk your saying stuff that doesn't make much sense and it's all so....deep. Its going rly fast. Liek my

heart is... &//&
Raven: I'm way more honest intoxicated. Talented too even. *burps* Trust me.
Kira: Whatever you say, princess. *he pets her hair once*
Raven: Princess....*flashbacks and acts on spur of the moment feelings she tries to kiss Kira*
Kira: Raven *pushes her away* Your drunk and high so your sick your not who you really are....your a diff. person entirely!!!
Raven: Your right I should back off.....probably permanently. *depressed but trying to laugh it off*
Kira: Raven, I love you. &3
Raven: O///O
Kira: I'm soz that I was being an a*****e. I was juz rly extremely jelly of Kai. Sure he's a good guy but he's too old for you....and your already mine. I just...I

don't want to kiss the lips that kissed Kai. I want kiss my gf's. Ya know?
Raven: *puts a hand on his shoulder* I get it. But sometimes you have to kiss a frog to get a prince....I need to snap out of this. I like being like this....I like

having my own body and you....but I should give up.....*almost collapses, her eyes closed like she just died*
Kira: RAVEN RAVEN RAVEN *He hugs her, cradling her round white face, crying a little, shaking her to get up* Raven please come home. I love you. *he says and kisses

her on the lips*
Raven: *goes back to normal and wakes up*
Kira: Are you okay?
Raven: I think so what happened??
Kira: It's a LOOONG story.
Raven: My memory.....of today. gone vanished just GONE that means....it was her! the Vampire Mode!!!!11
Kira: Tht was her but she's still you?
Raven: Only in spirit and control sometimes..but yeah how did she ******** evetything up today?
Kira: She made out with my cousin in front of me and dranked and possibly smoked..
Raven: So today in a way.....we both cheated.
Kira: I guess we're even. :I
Raven: Yea.....
Kira: You still love me right? :3
Kira: Lolz.

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