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through my eyes!

today has beennothing but drama since the moment i woke up! the first thing that ever happened was i got yelled at for the lounge chair being out when i made sure last night 6 times that i put it up so i wouldn't get yelled at! someone is loving getting me into trouble! then dad decided to lecture me on my baking even though i went to culinary school for 2 yrs! i learn from chefs how to cook and how to bake but nooooooooo dad says there rong and to do it his way! the ******** bakes his bread already made up and frozen! thats bullshit if hes tellin me i dont know how to cook! i finally snapped and screamed at him for 15 min to basically get the ******** out of my house even though he owns the place! hell i dont care if he was the king of the universe, i am not taking s**t from the jackass!

mom had a talk with me and told me that the world doesnt revolve around me! basically shes saying im selfish and thinking only for myself! if that was true i wouldn't be constantly making sure the ppl i care about especially my bf is alright 24/7! why cant she ******** see wat i see? is there anyone out there that understands me? drew if youre reading this i know for a fact you understand me more than even m y therapist does! i just wish i could have respect in my family so i dont act like the b***h they say i am....

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