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The Journal Of Bōhasu Mika (紡蓮 魅歌)
Kitsuhana/BLEACH: One World - Episode IX
Written By: Jeannette Anne Blanchard

(This is bugged in journal entries. You can view it on youtube here.)

(The following "Episode" is picking up from Episode VII.)

Part I

With a weary sigh, Mayuri turns the page of a leather-bound journal he is reading, seated on a high stool at a laboratory counter. "It really seems Kitsuyou-san has tried everything to cure this..."
"There was something that showed promise, but then it went horribly wrong," Kitsuyou responds from across the lab, not bothering to look away from the test tubes and burner. By this point, her long, dark locks are a mess, and her eyes are showing the stress and sleep deprivation of the passed twenty-four hours.
Nemu, quietly cleaning a counter with a rag, looks over to a table in a far, back corner, where the lights are dimmed.
It seems Kitsuyou\'s new boss fell asleep at some point. Her head is resting sideways on crossed arms on the table.
Mayuri continues, "It's not everyday one comes across a super bug like this." His eyes momentarily go to the left without turning his head to really look, indicating he is listening intently for her response.
Kitsuyou freezes for a moment, giving a delayed answer. "Yeah... It's certainly rare."
Looking up to a clock on the wall across the ways he's facing, "It's morning."
"So, it is..." She doesn't bother to look.
They carry on in silence, each to their own task.

Outside, the sun is rising over Seireitei. It's warm glow falling onto the buildings in a slow, creeping fashion.
The earliest risers are beginning to come out of their quarters, and preparing to start the day, as the majority remain comfortably in bed, whether asleep or not.

Part II

Walking down a dirt road, woods on either side of it, Sakura is lugging her suitcase around, lacking Hamika's storage technique to alleviate the burden. It is slowing down her travels home.
The sound of horse hooves is oncoming from a distance. Her pointed yokai ears twitch, and she moves to side of the road, to let them pass.
But, as the individual gets to her, they stop. "Ookami Sakura!" A deep voice half-shouts.
She looks up and over to the palace guard on the horse.
"Due to unforeseen events, Ookami Sakura is to return to Soul Society immediately, to fill in for Kitsuko no Kimi."
She just stares at him for a while. "Okay..."
He turns the horse around, taking his time to do so.
She starts preparing to climb onto back of the saddle.
But, he charges off back to the palace without her.
She drops the luggage, and stares in disbelief at the silhouette disappearing into the distance.
After he's out of sight, Sakura picks up the suitcase, and begins slowly heading back towards the palace. Real immediate this will be...
On she goes, towards the sunrise, her eyes wincing. That is bright... I hope he rides his horse into a tree branch...

Part III

Eigokitsu is visiting with his baby sister. Sitting on a stool at her bedside, "I wish Kitsu-chan never had to lose princess status... Mother getting kitsuseki has ruined us all..."
Her eyes are shut, but she's listening.
"Kitsu-chan was the one who was never to know hard times. Now, the innocent one is suffering... What does that bode for the rest of us? Kitsu-chan could have been an empress. The decision to send us to Soul Society was..."
"I wish I could live up to Big Brother's view of me," Kitsuko opens her eyes, and turns her head to the right to look at him.
He is doubly struck by that she was awake, and by her speaking like a commoner. His mouth is a little open, his eyes are slightly widened.
"I wish I were stronger, smarter, prettier, more graceful, more humble... I wish I were like the fairy tale princess, perfect in all ways. But, I'm just Kitsuko, the spoiled brat who makes trouble."
After a while in shock, he responds, with a light smile, his eyes smiling more intensely than his lips. "Kitsu-chan is perfect just the way Kitsu-chan is now. Kitsu-chan is the heart of our family, the rock of Mother, and the hope of Kitsuyochi." He returns to frowning, "Or... You were the hope of Kitsuyochi, before it was doomed."
Kitsu-chan is unconvinced, and realizes something for the first time, "Big Brother has no hope in Big Brother."
He gives no response.
"I believe in Seirei-gi."
His eyes widen, and his breathing gets screwed up, as his gaze drops to the floor, "Seirei-gi!?"
"I believe in Ai-sama."
He looks back to her.
"I believe in You-sama. I believe in Shiro-sama. I believe in Kuro-sama, Eichi-sama... And, Eigo-sama."
Eigokitsu stares in amazement at the child.

Hinamori Momo is outside the door, listening as she waits to visit her Division's new officer after her big brother leaves.

"My big brothers and big sisters have all done great things, and so has Seirei-gi's granddaughter. All I have ever done is play, and be a pain."
"Kitsu-chan is only a kit."
"Seirei-gi's granddaughter was born great. That wolf cub must have been, too, and maybe just didn't get recognized for it until a Tail met her. There's that one Shinigami Captain, a boy. And, my superior, Hinamori-chan."
"Comparing one's self to elite people is unfair!" He angrily scolds her. "Kitsu-chan does not need to be a genius, or an elite fighter to be special! Kitsu-chan is even younger than most these people!"
"How old am I?"
His heart figuratively drops into his stomach.
"I am much older than these people, no matter how old I look! Don't talk as if I will suddenly become great with time! I have had lots of time."
A tear starts to roll down his cheek, and he wipes it away, before storming off, unable to take anymore of it.

He almost walks right into Hinamori.
She turns out of his way, and watches as he leaves. When she looks in through the doorway, Kitsuko is glaring at the blanket over her lower body.

Part IV

Mayuri is walking along on a wooden porchway of a barracks building. He is cleaned up, and ready for bed. No paint. No adornments.
After turning one corner to a building's far-end, he notices beautiful singing is in the air, at a rather opera-like level. No words, just notes. It inspires him to hum.
With a smile overtaking his face, he turns the corner, the voice growing louder as he nears the source.
Some of the notes being hit are astoundingly high, and the individual often bounces between notes in interesting ways, and gyrates her voice. She is playing with her voice.
Sitting out on the porchway outside her assigned quarters is Hamika. Her right knee is propped up, while the left is down. Her left foot is inbetween her rear and her right foot. Her right arm is rested on the right knee, while the left is rested on her left leg. She is wearing the black hakama pants, and a black top over her breasts, leaving much of her upper body exposed. That the lower half of her belly and back are bandaged is exposed.
She continues singing as she senses someone approaching her, and hears the humming, but she gets quieter, and less bold, her shyness diminishing the exposure of this private talent.
Hamika attempts to calm herself, and push passed her nerves with the individual nearby, keeping her muteness at bay. The shift is gentle, quiet, and sweet, though she manages to keep her voice from failing her.
Mayuri observes the struggle barely expressed in her face, and his smile spreads into his eyes as he witnesses a light smile overcome her own face over her victory against her handicap.
Their voices synch up, as he begins moving again, no longer seeing her from the side angle. Another person is revealed.
Ginryu is curled up beside her, leaning on her while asleep. His hair is up for the day. The center is a tall, thick mohawk, or roach. Two inches up from the roots of the center is his natural white hair color, but after that it's dyed a vivid shade of red. The sides of his hair are french braided. The two thin braids are quite long, with the right one over his shoulder, and the left down his back, out of sight. The little half-dragon is sleeping peacefully.
The child unfamiliar to Mayuri is in Shinigami uniform.
With a light laugh, he makes a decision, and sits on the child's other side, joining their company.
Her face blushes, as she acknowledges the person did so, and pushes through it, devoted to enjoying her recovery, and getting to have Ginryu out in the open.

Part V

Through the halls, Hitsugaya goes. Sakura towering behind him as he does, lugging around her brown suitcase full of books.
Shortly after rounding a corner, they come to the room.
Hinamori is on the stool at Kitsuko's bedside. And, turns her head towards the door as the two walk in, one silver haired individual behind the other.
Hitsugaya: "Ookami Sakura has been assigned to the Fifth Division for in the event of Kitsuko's death. Momo has been ordered to see to her uniform fitting and room assignment."
Sakura, putting her suitcase down, "What exactly is wrong with Kitsuko no Kimi?"
Hitsugaya turns back towards her, "Kitsuseki."
Quietly, Sakura speaks, "I see." Her voice shifts to being soldier-esque. "I will do my best to serve the Fifth Division!" She bows to Hinamori.
After a moment of awkward silence, Hinamori gets up and approaches the two by the door. With a sweet smile, "Shiro-chan and Kitsu-chan are about the same age, aren't they?"
As Hitsugaya goes to respond, Sakura beats him to it, "They are. Sort of."
Angered by two blows, "You two should not be talking down to a captain!"
As Sakura goes into an apologetic bow, Kitsuko and Hinamori both begin laughing. It's infectious, wiping away Sakura's natural submissive fear.
Hitsugaya is the first to notice that the previously solemn and angry-looking Kitsuko is laughing over the three's antics. His gaze on her, shifts the other two's focus.
Kitsuko blushes from the attention. "I am not used to being around other children."
Hinamori is sharp to the uptake, "Then, Shiro-chan will have to visit Kitsu-chan lots!" She scruffs up his hair, as he glares at her.
Hitsugaya: "I think she was calling all of us children."

(This is bugged in journal entries. You can view it on youtube here.)

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