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Name: Vadik
Age: 219 years old.
Gender: Male
Race: Vampire
Personality: A well-spoken vampire who will not feed on any human unless they give him permission to do so. He will only attack when antagonized. For the most part, he enjoys being alone and does not talk much, but when he comes across an interesting character, he does not feel shy and would much rather be around their company. This applies to fellow vampires as well as humans (Shape-shifters also), but hardly ever to werewolves or lycanthropes.

Originally from northern Russia, Vadik has traveled to many places all over the world, hunting, feeding, and expanding his knowledge of the Earth. He wasn't always a vampire though. It has been 200 years since he was a mortal human- being. He was attacked while on a hunting trip with the elders of his village by a great beast, one he believes to have been a lycan, and was carried off into the bitter cold wilderness. It was a vampire who fought off the beast and saved Vadik's wilting life. The vampire brought him to his home, far south into another country, and helped him heal. When Vadik was back to his original state, the vampire asked him if he wanted to become one of them. After many nights of pondering, he accepted the offer and was transformed into a creature of the night. He was taught to respect the wishes of humans and never to see them as just a food source.