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Mental Disorder - Freedom to think all it is you have ever dreamed of.
Sane - The invisibility of being true to yourself.
Normal - ignoring and hurting others for their differences.
Weirdo - Doing all it is you want in your life based on what it is your heart want.
Annoying - The care to continue contact those who you love no matter how much they may disrespect you.
Clingy - A person who holds all the love close to them with the fear of loss.
Independent - To live without the constant negative view upon yourself no matter what it is others may tell you.
Popularity - The force to be what it is others expect of you to gain the friendship of those who have no individuality.
Gossiper - Those who feed off the attention that other's pain brings them.
Freak - Those with guts to have a little fun in their life.