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World of Rika
Prussia was born to fight the same type of battles as Austria, but was a hooligan who did nothing but fight and avoided any marriage. He will do anything to become strong, and has an arrogant attitude, believing that he is the best and still more "awesome" than others, although he hasn't really succeeded at his goal. Although he proclaims to like being alone, he is seen crying when he sees Hungary and Austria together in the Christmas Rampage 2007 strips. It was stated that this loneliness stemmed from that he felt like an enclave rather than an actual nation. Despite feeling alone, he seems to have many friends, though when informed of this he gets rather quiet. He still seems to have retained some of his strength despite his status as an enclave, forcing one of the Parallel Frances off of him and out of the house through a window with a single shove, after being attacked. In addition, in Noto-sama 5, it was said that he's much stronger than he looks, somewhat supported by a poster of him holding Germany in a headlock, likely having overpowered him. Germany once said that Prussia "knows little about common sense." Deep down, it is said that his true nature is that of a punctual and diligent soldier, though his bad manners (especially during his "transition period") mask it. Furthermore, in the Sealand and Latvia mascots, Latvia said that Prussia was a very punctual person and was never late for anything and is persistent in his journal writings, never missing a day. He also added that Prussia "loots everything and opens all the drawers and...he's really methodical."

He is very loyal to his leaders, and had a special attachment to Frederich II, known to him as "Old Fritz." He continues to hope that Old Fritz will watch over him and that he'll be proud. It is said though, that he tends to become rather depressed if Fritz is brought up due to this attachment.

Prussia often refers to his younger brother Germany as "West," and hates Russia almost to the point of coughing up blood should he touch him (and losing four eyelashes otherwise.) He doesn't get along well with Austria, Hungary, or Poland, and also seems to very much enjoy the company of North Italy and South Italy. Despite his hatred of Russia, because Germany is so strong, he's not freaked out by Russia very much anymore. He seems to be very proud of Germany for this.

He is said to to get upset at any words that sound like "mark", especially "maruku" (Japanese for "roundness"), "marukyu" (a Japanese grocery store chain), and the name "Mark". The reason for this has yet to be given. It may be since they sound similar to "Marx", referencing a communist Russia or the East German Mark or Ostmark, the currency first in the Soviet zone of occupation and later in the German Democratic Republic.

It is revealed that he had kept diaries since he was formed, which led to him having an entire library of journals. Almost all of them start with passages that read "I'm so cool/I was so cool today." He also seems to be fond of cute things, and buys things such as stuffed pandas, as seen on his April Fools Blog. In addition, on his blog, he says he's fond of sleeping, fighting, Old Fritz, and eating, his fondness for eating being displayed in his going to England to eat lunch, him "only accepting" France's ability to cook well, and his desire to get food from Italy and Austria with his brother in their Counting Sheep CD.

He seems to have a tendency to sneeze and find himself bored with or distracted from tasks, especially reading, although he claimed to be "a wiz at cleaning" and also seemed to be good at gardening, so it's possible his skills show when he is less distracted. In his and Germany's Counting Sheep CD, after sneezing and growing bored of counting, Germany insists he continue to count, causing him to continue, also raising the possibility that he can continue to do things despite his own odds (boredom) if encouraged. During Halloween 2011, he claimed he had a natural talent in everything he did, proving it by learning one of India's dances(and performing with him) in a month's time. According to him he'd practiced the whole month. Italy then said that he was a very hard worker, to which Germany agreed.

Apparently, he was very religious as a child (most likely due to him having been raised by the order of Teutonic Knights, a highly religious war group). This is exampled when he accidentally gropes Hungary when they were children (not having known that she was a girl during that particular point in time). However, once he discovered that he had grabbed her breasts, after Hungary had left to go fight, he is seen kneeling before an altar, begging God for forgiveness (as he believes that he has committed a sin).

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