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The Journal Of Bōhasu Mika (紡蓮 魅歌)
Kitsuhana/BLEACH: One World - Episode IV
Written By: Jeannette Anne Blanchard

(This is bugged in journal entries. You can view it on youtube here.)

(The following episode takes place during Episode II, between Part I and Part II.)

Part I

Walking through a silent, frozen version of Kitsuyochi, Hamika takes in the natural imagery of an uninhabited countryside. Plants are vibrantly green, and healthy. Flowers are in full bloom. The stream along the dirt path is crisp, and sparkling in the morning sun. If it weren't trapped in time, it'd be quite beautiful. Unfortunately, being this out of touch with proper Kitsuyochi time also stops the particles in the air that contribute to smell, as well as stopping the flow of sound. It's rather eerily silent, and almost void of smell. It's rather like walking through a still picture, and lowers some of the senses with time. But, this place is different from Kitsuhana Valley, and she only sees exotic regions like this on way to and from the greater palace, so she is taking it in as best she can before it is lost forever.
Her heart jumps as sound of a cracking branch echoes through the void. As her eyes lower to her own feet, it is revealed she did not do it. Turning her view left, over her shoulder, she sees a male of average height in black from head to toe. And, others begin to appear around her, all dressed in mock ninja attire, like the assassin to which she awoke. And, it hits, sounds and smells overcome the void, as the bubble of altered time expands. One of these guys is a time fox, and has created a bubble matching hers, so they could interrupt her travels, and take away one of her advantages in battle.
As her heart races, everything seems to be in slow motion, even within the time bubble. A red and yellow butterfly, now in the bubble, moves freely passed her face until it flies through the limits of this universe within a universe, and re-freezes. Her eyes turn from the butterfly to a chained sickle noisily headed her way.

Part II

In a field of two-and-a-half-foot tall, lavender flowered peonies; a group of scattered, unmasked individuals in simple attire are gathering the blossoms into baskets on their backs. Among them is Ookami Sakura, in a sleeveless kimono of English lavender, with silver trim, and a pistachio obi. Her silver hair is pulled into a low-positioned bun. And, her feet are bare in her straw zori, with some specks of mud on them.
A man a head taller than her, with beige hair calls to her, "Sakura-chan, go get me a spare pair of clippers. These are too dull."
"Yes!" She stops gathering flowers, and runs off at a careful, mid-speed, adding support to the basket on her back with her left hand.
Reaching a dirt mound surrounding the field, she temporarily supports the basket with both hands to jump over the mound.
Running along the path, just getting to where the stream comes up beside it, after it goes around the peony field, she stops, looking around. Something's different. She notices everything to her left, the side with the stream, is frozen. And, all to her right, the woods, is moving. She stares for a moment, before shaking her head. "No! There isn't time to dawdle! We have to finish the harvest!"
She continues running, and exits the time bubble, everything being in tune again.
Meanwhile, back in the field... A curvacious woman who looks akin to Sakura calls to the man, "You should have got her to give you her clippers before she left."
"Oh, well," he responds, starting to sing as he works with the dull tool, forcing it to work with some difficulty.

Part III

Hamika drops to the ground, and the sickle passes over, as she rolls over, kicking her leg up to side of the chain. She quickly brings her leg down on other side, pulling the chain down, and grabs ahold of it. The sickle spins once over her head before hitting the ground, as she rises to her feet.
The assassin drops the other end of the chain. Realizing his opponent is accustomed to such weapons, he takes a bow from his back. As do the other three.
After a hesitation, she sprints towards him, releasing her hatsumi short sword from coin storage as she does.
He barely gets an arrow prepared by time she reaches him, shooting it into the ground five feet away, as she spins before him, slashing his neck and shoulders with her blade.
Hamika grabs hold of him, and spins around so that the arrows of the other three go into their dying ally's back. As she spun, she stored her sword, and began releasing her own chain weapon in three feet increments, spinning it around her body as she does.
As their second release of arrows are knocked away by the chain, one of them tosses his bow, and arrow sling, and dives at the chain-sickle laying on the ground. He quickly climbs to his feet turning around, sending the sickle her way.
The two chain weapons meet, and Hamika allows hers to be pulled from her hands by the sickle. She spins, releasing her short sword, and sends a wave of fire at him as he attempts to gather up the chains. A risky move, what with how many foxes aren't very hurt by that element, but the gamble pays off.
He dives to the ground, rolling in the dirt, and patting at his clothes, trying to put the fire out.
One dead, another preoccupied, a third caught up in scene of his comrade burning... The fourth draws his bow, and lets arrow sail.

Part IV

She was already headed towards the one not caught up in the scene of their comrade burning. However, this one is faster with a bow. She barely dodges the arrow, with it scratching her left arm, and shooting straight through her sleeve. She spins into him in the same move as used on the first opponent, but this time jumped into it, getting enough reach to send his head clean off.
As Hamika turns to face the final assassin, the stinging pain of the cut setting in, the sickle flies into her face, with her natural response barely moving her head back on time. Her eyes are wide after seeing a blade fly in front of them.
As it comes around a second time, she drops, and rolls into an upward kick, and back to her feet on the ground. While her leg only caught air, she shifts her hatsumi back to coin as she's rising, prepared to end it.
The sickle's third pass flies over head, and she catches back of the chain as she stands upright. With her other hand, she grabs hold of the sickle's handle after it spins around towards her from where she grabbed the chain. Similar enough...
Immediately, Hamika begins pulling chain from the assassin, spinning towards him, while twirling the sickle about like her chained weight, hoping not to angle it wrong and hurt herself.
This one was not intelligent enough to abandon the chain, being more skilled at the bow. He barely dodges back as the sickle flies towards his chest, and she releases it, letting it fly off to the ground, as she releases her short sword back from coin storage.
With one clean move, she slashes across his chest and neck. The finely hardened and sharpened blade makes pudding of his flesh, slicing through bone, muscle, and organ alike.
The burning man is on all four, as she walks towards him. Hamika ends his misery via beheading.

Part V

Shifting sword to coin, Hamika looks to the scratch on her arm, allowing a wince over the pain. We don't know which is worse, the sting of the cut, or the stink of burning flesh.
Looking back up from her wound, she freezes. The large time bubble did not dissipate. There is a bird frozen in mid air nine feet ahead.
She looks down to the corpses. They didn't do anything...
Hamika approaches a corpse, rolling him over, and pulling off his black 'ninja' mask. His ears are not pointed. "Peons?"
A jagged blade tears through her torso from behind. "Eigokitsu Kitsuyou Washi," a creepy male voice introduces himself. His voice shifts to anger, "We spent two decades training those creatures, b***h!"
He pulls the toothed sword back out, and kicks her over sideways to the ground. "They were our best humans!"
She clutches the front of her potentially fatal wound, and barely manages to roll out of the way, as he thrashes the sword at her.
On her knees, hunched over the ground, clutching the wound with one hand, shifting her short sword back out with the other, he kicks her in the gut so hard it sends her up to a standing position, which she catches and holds herself in.
He smirks, just watching. "Can Hamika really fight?"
No... She looks straight into his vivid blue eyes, barely able to keep standing, but resolved not to fall. Seeing passed his black honor mask with golden details, she can just imagine a greasy half-human face behind it. "Ignite." Fire rapidly spreads from under the hilt to the blade's edge. Ginryu...
He swings his own weapon upwards toward her, releasing a strong gust of wind that sends her soaring a good twenty feet into the air. Hatsumi...
Flying through the air, she positions to impact upright, and collapses into it, ultimately being on one knee, with the other propped up. Her hatsumi's pointy end is stuck into the ground, as it begins heating it up, still lit.
She looks up to a figure beside her, barely taking in a blurry face, before falling over sideways, unconscious. The last thing she could discern was a color, English lavender.

(This is bugged in journal entries. You can view it on youtube here.)

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