My ghoulfriend is going to Scaris for a fashion show. Clawesome! I hope she goes to the Boo-uvre and takes pictures of the Moan-a Lisa for me. Meanwhile, I'm stuck here at home. I'd love to go with her, but I've gotta save my money for my trip to Hawaii in August.

I got a summer job at a place called the Arrgh-t House. They sell supplies for art and theater. The owner, Mr. William Deathknell, is a retired ghost actor. He thought the paintings I brought with to my interview were gnarly, though I don't think a distinguished British spook like him would ever use that word. It's more like "Tut tut, pip pip, cheerio, that's some bloody good art right there, wot wot."

Okay, maybe not QUITE like that.

Feeling a bit low about missing my ghoul. I may hang with Nero over the weekend and see if my bro can't lift my spirits.