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If Ben was'd hear this
"...I think we lost them"
*coughing as if people are out of breath*
"I sure hope so. I..I d-d-don't know if that was even a g-g-good idea... I mean, we could've.."

"YAHA! Whatz'is, me mateys?"
*The sound of metal unsheathing fluidly*

"-Nothing. Um. He probably wont answer very well with that pressed...against his neck?"
"...Ah. Now its against mine."
"Tooright, me lassy. I ain' got time fer sass. Git on thar 'ere ship."

"...but we're in the middle of a desert!"
"BWAHHHAHH. Them eye sockets ain' just fer show, are they, ye flimsy solidearthers."

*Theres the sound of a lot of sand crashing against wood, somewhat like a wave*