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Bens Letter 4/7
Dear mum,
I know I said I'd come see you and the rest of the family, and yes, I did get the train ticket in the mail and yes I did get on the train. And I even got a friend to come on holidays with me to come meet you all! She's really nice! You might think she's a bit wierd because shes quiet and she plays with plants and bees most of the time, but she's nice and calm and really heaps stronger on the inside than she looks.
Oh, um, but anyway, I was writing about why I never turned up at home.
The problem came with getting off the train.
I didn't, mum. I fell asleep.

So...I don't really know where we are, but its probably the other side of the continent, since...Well I'm not familiar with it at all.
And everyone here talks weird and dresses really colourfully.
Me and Tailynn got kicked off the train at the last stop, you see, and narrowly avoided a fine because I burst into tears.
Don't worry mum, Its scary, but its nothing compared to the trip to the city baseball the other weekend.

Anyway, we're going to find our way for a while and maybe meet some people to give us directions. If I dont write, then you should begin searching around the end of the train line for any sort of sweatshops gardens that Tailynn and I might be dragged into hanging out in.

I'm sure we'll still get to see you before I have to go back to school! Dont worry, mum!

Yours Sincerely,
Ben Ursula Murphys