The Cat Demon Twin ft. Little Sister

Breed: Cat Demon
Name: Keiichiro
Age: 17 years old
Height: 5’10
Hair: Black
Eyes: Ruby Red
Skin tone: a bit of pale
Clothes: He also wears what his twin wears but he wear it very neatly and nicely.
Accessories: He often carries a black cat with yellow eyes stuff toy

> Childish
> Shy
> Cries easily
> Clumsy
> Girlish

> Sweets (cakes, candies, etc.)
> Cute objects
> Animal toys

> Mean people
> The Dark
> Dogs

> He always relies on his twin brother for protection
> He is very weak unlike his twin brother
> He is very polite and calm like a girl


Breed: Cat Demon
Name: Kaiichizen
Age: 17 years old
Height: 5’10
Hair: Black
Eyes: Yellow cat eye
Skin tone: Asian color
Clothes: Bad boy style. Black clothes with many silver accessories
Accessories: Piercing on both ears.

> Wild
> Ruthless, sadistic, cold, cruel, deadly
> Bad boy attitude

> Being alone except being with his twin brother
> Hiding in the dark
> His twin brother, Kaiichiro itself
> Quiet and peaceful open fields
> Taking advantage of weak people (except for his twin brother)

> Everyone
> Everything

> He always likes to stand out in the crowd like a king
> He has very good looks that can seduce women
> He is very strong and skilled at everything
> He eventually accept the fact that Katie is not a human though he kept it all to themselves

The Twins,
Background info:
The twins were the successor of their cat demon clan since their parents died when they are young but Kaiichizen
hates responsibilities so he decided to leave the under world with his twin brother since their clan was doing great.
Their clan was one of the top and one of the Overlord’s personal aides.
They start living in the human world for fun and live as an ordinary human. With the help of their messenger, who
delivers reports from human world to the under world, they learned the way of humans but eventually their servant
died leaving them alone to live.

Any pose is welcome but make sure their brotherly bond is showing.
and yaoi will be great !!! Just make sure Keichiro is girlish with a very innocent smile
while Kaiichizen is a very bad boy with a cute evil smile.
also make sure their identical except for the eyes and body proportion.
Kei is weak and kai is strong !!

you can also put some cat fearures ^^



Kiichiri a.k.a. Neneko
Breed: Cat Demon
Name: Kiichiri
Age: 12 years old (Human Age)
Height: 5
Hair: Black
Eyes: Ruby Red (right), yellow (left)
Skin tone: pale
Clothes: An oversize sweat shirt and a cat beanie and a red ribbon seal on her tail

Personality: (Sealed)
> Childish
> Shy
> Quiet
> Obedient
Personality: (Demon Form)
> Wreckless
> Sadist
> Emotionless
> Evil

> Fluffy things

> unavailable

After birth she shown signs of uncontrolled power killing her mother and her attendants. Locked in a faraway place for safety but decades went by its still in havoc. Until she escapes herdungeon closure to the human world where the first one she encounters was Lucifers's child who reincarnated into a human which seal her powers and her memories and became her servant