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Life...holy sh*t...
i can fully tell you, with complete 100% assurity, that it is, one of the BIGGEST B*TCHES you will EVER FACE. And you know what else? You have to do deal with it forever.

but ill tell you right now. No matter how hard it gets, no matter what you're going through, it is NOT worth it to hurt yourself, or to rid yourself from the face of the earth. not worth it AT ALL. because even though life gets hard, and you go through trials, you still have the rest of your life ahead of you.

Things can change. Anything can happen in life. You cant just say, "F*ck it, i cant take it anymore, goodbye". NO! F*cking stop yourself, cut that noose in half, throw that knife across the room (at a safe distance from others), put that samurai sword down, spit those pills out! ITS NOT OVER YET. DONT YOU F*CKING GIVE UP ON ME NOW.THERE IS ALOT AHEAD OF YOU AND ITS WAITING TO HAPPEN. though i admit, you cant just stand there and wait. you have to work and try hard, and NEVER, F*CKING, GIVE UP ON YOURSELF. YOU HEAR ME!? PEOPLE WHO GIVE UP THAT EASILY ARE P*SSIES!! I HONESTLY DO NOT THINK THEY DESERVE SORROW IF THEY KILL THESELVES NO MATTER HOW MUCH THEY WERE BULLIED OR FED UP WITH LIFE. SURE, THE BASTARDS THAT CAUSED THEM TO DO THAT CAN GO F*CK THEMSELVES TOO. BUT STILL. DONT. YOU. ********. GIVE UP.

its okay to cry about things. cry with you closest friend. theyll be there for you. or, you can talk to me. thats cool too. ill be sure to be a good friend and be there for you. crying is a good way to let it out. like a different way of screaming into a pillow or whatever.
(also excersising till your body is sore works too)

okay. pain? No bueno.
alright, it depends what kind of pain.
cutting, punching yourself (with a pressure more than you can handle), shooting yourself in the foot, cutting your ear off, no good.
excersising, punching a punching bag til your hands hurt, and running till your legs feel like theyre unfunctional (okay maybe not that far) is good pain.

bro, just calm the f*ck down.
maybe you havent realized, that if you hurt yourself, or kill yourself, that people that care for you...have been there for you for most of your life...or even those who dont speak to you, but wish they could...would be hurt 10x more that the pain you felt, no matter if they experienced what you went through or not.

just calm down.
its okay.
im here for you.
all you need is a shoulder to lean on.
all you need is some confidence.
whatever it is.
ill be here.
your friends will be there.
and especially your family.
okay, if not your family, back to friends or me.

peace guys.


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