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(Ben) Train Trip
Itchigotchi:-Ben beamed as Tailynn turned up at the station-
4:47pm"S-so you're really coming?"
4:47pmEloquent Melodies:*she nods, and grins* "Yep! ...I bought my ticket and everything."
4:47pmItchigotchi:"A-aren't you like...uh...scared to go off to someone elses house?"
4:47pmItchigotchi:"I- I mean, I would be...if I was you?"
-He stumbled on his words-
4:47pmEloquent Melodies:"...Anywhere is better than that Academy, and my house..."
4:47pmEloquent Melodies:-she mumbles and shrugs-
4:48pmItchigotchi:-He shrugs too, what an awkward topic-
4:48pmEloquent Melodies:"...I mean sure, I'm a little nervous, but I trust you, Ben..""...but would your parents mind?"
4:48pmItchigotchi:-The train pulls up and the officer opens the door for them-
"Nah. Nah they'll be glad to see I have a friend"
-He laughs a little- "I'm g-glad you trust me, Tallie"
4:49pmEloquent Melodies:*she smiles* "...I'm glad... and why wouldn't I? You're the only truly nice one around here..."
*she enters the train, and has to jump to get her luggage to fit in the top storage-y part*
4:50pmItchigotchi:"W-w-well I dunno, I could...I could secretly be not nice?" -The chubby boy laughs a little at that thought-
"N-nah. I tried being sneaky once and it failed epically."
4:51pmEloquent Melodies:*she gets it in, and sits down, taking the window seat; it's her first time on a train* "...You? In all your stuttering? Not nice..."
*she laughs a little*
4:56pmItchigotchi:-Ben laughs again nervously and sits down beside her-
"I-I s-swear it didnt u-used to be this b-b-bad"
4:57pmEloquent Melodies:*she shakes her head* "It wasn't... It started getting worse once you got home."
"...Well, back to school, from your trip with Myka and Rosie."
4:58pmItchigotchi:-Ben laughs nervously again-
"M-maybe some time..time at home w-will help me calm d-d-down a bit"
4:59pmEloquent Melodies:"...Ben you can talk to me, you know."
4:59pmItchigotchi:-He gives her another smile- ...
5:00pm-Then his face crumples somewhat-
5:00pmEloquent Melodies:*she notices and frowns* "I... I'm actually worried."
5:01pmItchigotchi:-He leans forwards and puts his head in his hands a little-
" was ...I mean...I'm not...and they're just...I barely even...and then theres the baker..and...and its just..."
5:02pmEloquent Melodies:*she blinks a few times, and half hugs him, the seats armrests and stuff getting in her way*
"...You're okay..."
5:02pmItchigotchi:-He half hugs her back, shakily-
-Then sits back again, grey eyes watching the scenery go by, looking quite un-watery-
5:03pmEloquent Melodies:"...Ben, I'm sorry you had to go... and see what you saw..."
"I... I don't know what I can do...."
*Tallie sighs, and pulls her knees up in her chair*
5:04pmItchigotchi:-Ben looks over and gives her a grim smile-
"Its ...Its o..okay."
5:04pmEloquent Melodies:"...I want to help though..."
5:04pmItchigotchi:"...Remember...Remember w-when we had n-normal lives?" -He says with glazed eyes-
5:04pmEloquent Melodies:*she digs around in her pouch-y thing and pulls out a chocolate bar*5
:05pmItchigotchi:-Ben laughs a little at the wrapping-
5:06pm"B--b-before all of this e-element stuff, I mean, was it b-better for you? When..when did it start?"
5:06pmEloquent Melodies:"... I didn't really know I was elemental... Until I got here."
5:08pm*she rips open the seal and breaks a piece for him* "...Do you like dark chocolate?"
5:09pm"...And honestly, I hated... I hated my life prior to this."
5:09pmItchigotchi:-Ben giggled- "Y-you just came to an without..without even suspecting..?"
-he takes the piece with a small smile-
5:10pm"Hah. I h-h-havent had chocolate i-i-in weeks..."
5:10pmEloquent Melodies:"...Well, plants seemed to really like me..."
"So, my parents just wanted me... away.. so I saw the school's brochure..."
*she frowns at this announcement*
"...What? You love chocolate... Here. Take it all."
5:12pmItchigotchi:-He shakes his head, looking somewhat worried that Everett will suddenly round the corner and yell at him-
5:13pm"Uh-uh...uh a bit is f-f-fine, its yours!"
5:13pmEloquent Melodies:"...Ben, take it."
"I can't stand to see you like this-"
5:14pmItchigotchi:-He takes it, snaps it in half, and hands half back with a grin-"G-g-geez I'm not that b-bad..."
-He looks at the hand holding the chocolate and realizes its still shaking-
5:14pmEloquent Melodies:*she smiles* "...Oh, the train's moving"
*then she sighs a little*
"..You are"
5:18pmItchigotchi:-He coughs and makes a concious effort to steady himself-
-Then eats some of the chocolate-
5:19pm-And laughs a little-
"I almost drowned a guy, y'know. And I like, I wanted to." -He blurts out-
5:20pmEloquent Melodies:*she laughs a bit, and leans a head on his shoulder, before hearing the news*
"...Wait what."
*she sits back up, startled*
5:21pmItchigotchi:-He shakes his head and eats another piece of chocolate-
5:21pmEloquent Melodies:*she sighs* "...How long is the train ride?"
5:21pmItchigotchi:*He checks his watch*
5:22pm"About another hour or two, then we have to swap out to a bus"
5:23pmEloquent Melodies:*she nods* "Well... Thank you for taking me with you."
5:23pmItchigotchi:"Thanks for coming, Tailynn"
-He gives her a much less nervous grin, chocolate in hand-
5:25pmEloquent Melodies:*she smiles at him* "...Are you gonna write anyone?"
5:27pmItchigotchi:"Y-yeah I think I'll write to the water dorm in general. Maybe...maybe someone will reply. As long as Nathan doesnt get to it and assume its blank paper s-s-s-since its not..hahah...braile"
5:28pmEloquent Melodies:*she laughs a little*
"... My bet says that Caroline will get it."
5:29pmItchigotchi:"A-At least I can be sure sh-she wont write out her evil plans for revenge, or just write 'meh' like London would" -He giggles-
5:31pmEloquent Melodies:*laughs a bit* "This is true... I really only know you from Water dorm, so.."
5:32pmItchigotchi:"..They're all..all..I mean..they're very nice..."
5:33pm"...But ...they're sorta bonkers.."
5:33pmEloquent Melodies:*she laughs* "...We all are."
5:34pmItchigotchi:-He giggles and eats more chocolate- "I..I suppose so."
5:34pmEloquent Melodies:*she leans back and looks at the world passing by her*
"...Yeah, most people from my dorm are nuts."
5:35pmItchigotchi:"Who /are/ the Draconians, anyway? I mean... I -I-I know F-F-Fort...but"
5:37pmEloquent Melodies:"...Dustin left.. Andrea's not around... Kaia disappeared..."
"...There are probably others, but..."
5:38pmItchigotchi:"..Th-they dissappeared?"
-He looks somewhat disturbed-
5:38pmEloquent Melodies:"...Well... I dunno."
5:38pmItchigotchi:"I-if there, a wouldn't..I mean.."
5:38pmEloquent Melodies:"I sleep outside a lot..."
5:40pmItchigotchi:-Ben nods-"We all practically sleep outside t-t-too. haha. I'm g-g-glad its summer"
5:41pmEloquent Melodies:"...Yeah... Your dorm hasn't been fixed yet." *she frowns, but looks kind of unfocused*
5:46pmItchigotchi:-He shrugs and eats some more chocolate as the scenery passes by in a blur-
5:47pmEloquent Melodies:*she closes her eyes for a moment, with the movement and the comfortable seats, it's looking likely that Tallie will fall asleep*
5:48pmItchigotchi:"Anyway, you'll like my family"
-He says quietly, seeming calmer and less shaky the further they get from school-
-His eyes begin to droop shut too-
*cue missing their stop and ending up somewhere incredibly random*
5:48pmEloquent Melodies:*she hears his comment, but can't be arsed to reply*
5:49pmItchigotchi:*Obby. CA mexico, here we come*
5:49pmEloquent Melodies:*Totess~*