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My Stuff
I just write stuff that happens to me, or someone else, when I think it's important enough.
My Trip
Well, I'm back from my trip and... Well, it was interesting to say the least.
A horrible ******** learning experience...
Here's a little summary of the "Trials" overall:

1st Week: This was not so bad. I was sneaking online or having Jake log in for me so it was fine, mostly. I didn't really miss anyone too badly because I was still talking to them.

2nd Week: This one... Wasn't as nice. Matter of fact, it was pretty horrible, this is where things started going downhill for me. By this time it was impossible for me to communicate with anyone because my PSP's battery finally died.

3rd Week: Eh, this was probably the worst. I couldn't stop thinking about my friends. I couldn't stop thinking about my "gf" or my Zombie Buddy, or my Panda... Ugh, I was crying and screaming most of this week. I actually ******** up my hand pretty bad from punching the ground... Yes, I'm an idiot.

4th Week: This is the week where I actually started learning. I spent most of it thinking and actually meditating like I was supposed to. I learned quite a few things about myself and realized some priorities.

Here's some of that:

1. I realized that there's VERY few things I actually care about. Out of all the people in the world, I only care about a few of them. Out of all my friends, there's only that few that mean a lot to me. Who are they? That's for me to know and for you to guess. Why do I only care about them? I don't ONLY care about them. They're just the best people ever and they're the ones that have always stood by me. The rest of my friends are important, too, but these are really the ones who've never left my side.

2. I also realized that out of ALL the assholes, bitches, and trash in this world... There's only ONE person I really hate. The one who turned my Gaia sis, the person I loved the most in my life at one point, against me. Luckily, sis and I forgave each other and we're in good terms now. I still hate that Delusional b***h nonetheless. I can't believe she'd go that far because she lost an argument...

3. Anyway, on my way back I set a goal to change everything. I'm going to try and fix everything I've made go wrong. I'm going to redefine myself and do my best to correct the mistakes I've made. I need to fix all the mistakes I've made. I've set a goal to change everything. I'll do my best to do so but I'll need some help, well, lots of it. I have awesome friends, so I'm sure they'll be there for me. Right?

4. This one's not very important but I thought I'd add it here for good measure. I don't think I'll ever go back to that castle again, at least not anytime soon, not after that month of bullshit. I will upload pictures soon so people can see the castle from inside and out but that's it. So, yeah. Thanks for reading.

Shiki the Forsaken Prince
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    Community Member

    Mon Jun 25, 2012 @ 03:51am

    Welcome back~!
    Sowwie about the horrible time...
    But I'm so glad you're back.

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