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Bens Letter 25/6
Dear mum,
My frightening schoolmatewonderful friend Myka decided to drag take me along to a trip to the city this weekend, to show me off to all her friends! Rose tagged along too!
So the three of us snuck out stole bicycles illegally caught a train made our way peacefully into the city this afternoon.
Mykas friends are all very much into beating peoples heads in with sticks baseball- one kid carries around a bat all the time! I hope I don't have to join in with the violence game, because I'm pretty bad at hurting people baseball, if you remember, mum.
We broke into a few warehouses played a few games and ran around a lot in the street. Don't worry mum I'll only die a horrible graphic death we arent running around recklessly and everyone else no-one has gotten seriously injured or anything.
During one of the break-ins games, We found some men in fireproof suits! Turns out Mr. Farley, our old baker was driven to making deals with gangsters because I never paid the bakery bill has been hired by a company in charge of beating people senseless over territory issues real estate! *
Rose and Myka are both excellent at hurting people playing baseball but we decided to run away head off after everyone nearly got beat up and captured we narrowly lost a match, because Rose and Myka were injured tired.
I'm in a basement staying the night at a friends place! Don't worry, its a only got a minimum of mold compared to the dorms very nice place.
Theres a raggedy wonderful family who live down here and are very friendly and a little boy who has decided to show me all of his spiders furry pets.
It has been a terrifying horrible gutwrenching sickening wonderful experience so far.

If I dont write again then assume that I'm dead and call the police to 58th street to search for a fat kids body torn limb from limb.I'll write to you tomorrow!
Bye mum!

*Note to self: Get $9000 before next week when Mr. Farley comes to kill me.