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Kaneq - [ oc info ]

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Name: Kaneq
Gender: female --
please note that she looks really androgynous,
to the point that her gender shouldn't be obvious
she tends to let people think she's a guy

Age: 18

[ A p p e a r a n c e ] «

Hair Color: white
Hair Style: the left side (when looking at her) is long, about to her chest, and sort of wavy/curly, while the other side is kept cut short and messy
Eye Color: gray blue
Skin Tone: muted tan
Body Type: tall and slim, and her body isn't feminine at all -- she has a small bust and minimal curves, and even those she hides as well as she can.
Outfits: x
- a dark gray vest with blue/light blue details and a black sash/belt over a gray button up with the sleeves tucked into elbow-length fingerless black gloves. black pants that end about at the knee -- the rest of her legs are wrapped in bandages. simple black shoes.
Accessories: she always wears a wooden spiral taper/plug, shaped like this, in her right (again, when looking at her) ear. nothing in her other ear.

[ P e r s o n a l i t y ] «

quiet • introverted • imaginative
daydreamer • secretive • well-intentioned

while in general she's a bright and intelligent person, the fact that she prefers to let people assume she's a boy has made her considerably more introverted and quiet. she's not shy, but she has an almost constant fear of slipping up and talking/acting too 'girly,' thinking it's safer to just keep quiet. it's not much of a problem, since she has a bad tendency to get caught up in her own fantasies and daydreams. she's not an idle dreamer, and prefers to try and work toward making her fantasies reality -- and she has a really bad habit of going about that in the wrong way, ie: letting people believe she's the opposite gender.