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Riyoushi's Journal
Just a bunch of random crap.
My Immortal Partner MST: Chapter 7
Chapter 7. Bring me 2 life

This is one of the few named chapters. The name has nothing to do with the content of the chapter.

AN: wel ok u guyz im only writting dis cuz I got 5 god reviuws.

"Can you hear me, God? It's me, Tara."

n BTW I wont rite da nxt chapter til I git TIN god vons!

Is... is she trying to get reviews from the god of tin?

God of Tin. Not as epic as God of War.

STO FLAMING OR ILL REPORT U! Evony isn't a Marie Sue ok she isn't perfect SHES A SATANITS! n she has problemz shes depressed 4 godz sake!

Draco and I held our pale white hands with black nail polish as we went upstairs. I was wearing red Satanist sings on my nails in red nail polish (AN: c doez dat sound lik a Maru Sue 2 u?).


I waved to Vampire. Dark misery was in his depressed eyes. I guess he was jealous of me that I was going out with Draco. Anyway, I went upstairs excitedly with Draco. We went into his room and locked the door. Then…

[SEXYTIMES REDACTED]. (c is dat stupid?)


[SEXYTIMES REDACTED] all of a sudden I saw a tattoo I had never seen before on Draco's arm. It was a black heart with an arrow through it. On it in bloody gothic writing were the words… Vampire!

I was so angry.

"You b*****d!" I shouted angrily, jumping out of the bed.

"No! No! But you don't understand!" Draco pleaded. But I knew too much.

"No, you ******** idiot!" I shouted. "You probably have AIDs anyway!"

I put on my clothes all huffily and then stomped out. Draco ran out even though he was naked. [CENSORED] but I was too mad to care. I stomped out and did so

Did... what?

I think she means "stomped"

until I was in Vampire's classroom where he was having a lesson with Professor Snape and some other people.

Whose names aren't important.

"VAMPIRE POTTER, YOU ********!" I yelled.

Chimera Machinations
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Chimera Machinations
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