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i must admit, i miss hearing and reading "I love you" everyday, that was nice. especially when it showed up several times in a 3-4 page text talking about everything he loved about me. i always knew it would end eventually ... but why it ended i am still unsure. he did make me happy for those 7 months. we both knew it would end soonish and that is why he asked me to still be friends after we broke up ... but then why would he avoid and ignore me as soon as it happens? while i was still mistaken, thinking we were still friends i looked at his fb out of boredom and saw his single status, and that a family friend had commented with "whaaaat?" (or something like that) and his mom had commented "oh there is a story". ... i have a story? and one that deserves and "oh" at the beginning? i wish i knew what my story was ... not a day goes by that i do not wonder what it is ...

I adopted a chibi!
Name: Dawn
Loves:music, quiet, peace, calmness
Dislikes:loudness, rudeness, unintelligent people
want to adopt one