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In which I post whatever I damn well please.
Arcanine Collection! <3
            Hi there everybody! iamafreakingunicorn here, but you can call me Uni! I have loved Pokemon since the games' debut in the United States, and to this day I own a copy of at least one game from each generation. I started collecting Arcanine and Growlithe merchandise over the last year, and I wanted to share my collection so far. So, here it is!

            This is just a shot of all my Arcanine and Growlithe stuff. :3 You can see Arceus and Axew peeking out of their bucket off to one side photobombing the picture. >>

            Here is a picture of my babies. My favorite (and most expensive) items in my collection,the very rare Arcanine UFO plush and the obscenely overpriced Growlithe Canvas plush. I actually managed to find little Growlithe for a downright reasonable price thanks to a very very nice Korean girl on the Pokemon merchandise community that I'm a part of. I got pretty lucky with the Arcanine UFO as well, since it's so rare, I was happy to get it at all!

            All of my loose plastic figures. I also have a lovely metal Arcanine figure, but it's at my boyfriend's house with the metal Ninetales I got for him.

            Plastic Tomy figures! I have a set that's still in the package, but I enjoy having them around. They have little paint rubbies on their noses but that's okay.

            Weird bootleg Growlithe figure. I'm not sure what it's supposed to be a copy of, but it's very cute. I saw him in an auction on ebay and he looked so lonely and bidless that I just had to grab him. C:

            Arcanine Burger King launcher! Pew pew!

            My Arcanine and Growlithe Kids! I believe that there is another version of Arcanine and I want it quite badly, but I've never seen a different Growlithe before. I have two copies of the Arcanine, so I keep one on my bedside table to warn away the ghosties and crap. :B

            Chibi Growlithe next to the Growlithe Kid for a size comparison. The little guy is about the size of my thumbnail, he's tiny and cute. I'm not sure what collection he's from but I've seen other Pokemon similarly tiny and cute.

            The rare and elusive Growlithe Megablok. I got into quite the bidwar over this little feller. I had seen him in collections before but never up for sale, so I had to get him while I could. Definitely worth it, but I was expecting him to be larger. All the cuter for his smallness, though. :3

            Another favorite of mine. The fantastical Arcanine and Growlithe zukan! It's pretty rare from what I understand and I got it for a pretty reasonable price on ebay. I haven't seen one up for sale since then so I guess I got quite lucky~

            This is an item that I spent way too much money on. They are bottle caps from a Philippino soda brand that released all 150 of the original Pokemon in bottle cap form back in 1999. Very cool though, I regret nothing! XD

            Fire-type DS Lite shell thingy. C:

            Arcanine/Growlithe Pokedex charms. I have another set that I actually put on stuff but I wanted one to display.

            Plastic Arcanine cup. It has other fire-type Pokemon on there but we don't care about them. O:<

            Growlithe battle pencil. It says stuff on the sides but I can't read it.

            My Arcanine marble cases. I have one for Arcanine marbles and one for Growlithe marbles. XD

            Arcanine marble case mint in package. I know I have two others, I'm just weird about liking to have things in a package. >>

            Grabber ball Arcanine. Comes with a grabby ball, Arcanine and Gengar toys, and a metal Gengar pin. O:

            5-pack of figures that came out with the movie. Yay Growlithe! smilies/icon_surprised.gif

            Japanese pack of Arcanine and Growlithe figures.

            Arcanine mini skateboard, from back in the 90s when those were cool.

            Growlithe dog tags. I didn't know these existed until recently. I also have a Vulpix one. ^ o ^

            This is the box from the crappy deck that I bought a couple years ago. It came with Cyrus's Arcanine and a bunch of cards I didn't really care about. o:

            Blaine's Fire Gym deck, Japanese version. Still sealed. I want the coin inside but I don't want to open it, so I'm waiting on someone to sell it to me. u____u

            My Arcanine binder, in which I keep all of my Arcanine and Growlithe cards and flats. I'll make another journal entry to keep track of all my cards and stuff because I keep getting more and there are just so damn many. x__x

            Giant Charizard pillow hanging out with my bootleg Arcanine UFO. I didn't realize at the time but the bootlegs don't have a nose. Also he came from Hong Kong so I guess I should have known. -___-; Oh well, I still love him even if he is a bootie. Charizard is not a bootie, he's just ugly.

            And that concludes my collection post. I hope anyone who read this found it interesting! I'll get around to making a flats post eventually. - o -

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