Monday Delirium
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Chapter Twenty Nine
From the diaries of Doctor Sunday

Entry: 1
Again I write down my thoughts, the first entry of a new diary.
Setting up a new main lab is taking too long. I won't be able to produce more banshees for a while.
I must remain strong and believe my dearest creations that have been crawling through the sewers will thrive on.
There shouldn't be a lack of humans to eat.

Entry: 2
Received news through my usual sources of a woman being interrogated and her twin who was found dead in the ruins of a, or should I say the only official casino in town.
Did I had such things back home? I can't believe so.
Too cold. I only remember the snow and that woman.
What was her name... What was her name...

Entry: 3
I decided to dissect the body of the dead twin.
She was clearly murdered. Though found under the wreckage, covered in sooth and partially burned by the flames, there was enough left to uncover marks which cannot be explained by the explosion. Most likely cause of death being her broken neck.
Not by force of concussion. Someone twisted her neck until it snapped, leaving the mark of their hands but no finger prints.
Could she have been eliminated after she was no longer necessary?
Why leave her body in the ruins of their deeds?
Is this a clue, a message or something that was overlooked?

Entry: 4
I'm losing the notion of time again.
I look at the clock again and again.
Those numbers mean nothing to me. Habit drives me nothing else.
Time is my enemy, slipping through my fingers pushing me into the abyss.

Entry: 32
Wasting my time writing entry after entry. Old habits die hard.
The still living twin arrived. I interrogated her myself but was disappointed.
She knew nothing. She will be recycled and all data, though of little use, will be kept. There's always use for fresh organs.

Entry: 43
A new day.
I think. I remember the sun rising. Was it this morning?
Looking through my previous logs, I am inclined to assume so.
The agents are here again. The old man and the woman with pink hair.
I should have killed him when I had the chance.
Failure after failure.
How much longer must I endure this?
I have so much work, so much work. The new lab, my creations!
New beautiful children in the making, the heralds of my bright future!

Entry: 44
This agents peeked my interest.
Maybe I can use them after all.
Yes. If they destroy Monday... It will be interesting to see if they can find him before my Banshees.
My beautiful girls.
What was her name?