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So Long, Farewell, To You My Friend
After watching the series finale and reading what everyone had to say on their posts about House MD on Tumblr, I figured I'd give the show my own send off as well.

House MD, you were the one show that motivated me to turn on my television every Monday night to watch you when nothing else was good on the tv. Although I didn't start watching you until after my friend let me borrow his season two box set, you were still such a great show. Once I popped in that first disk for season two, I was immediately hooked. Every chance I got I watched episode after episode, wanting to see what happened to the next patient and to House and his teammates.

Sadly, there was a point in my life where I ended up getting too busy/lazy to watch the series, and once I borrowed season five from the save friend, I watched half of it then stopped. It continued to sit there as I watched it on television. There were also times when I didn't watch it on tv because of the same reason. But eventually I came back, just like as if I had never left you. You helped me get through rough times when I was having a bad Monday, and I always looked forward to Mondays because of you.

Watching you also helped me to learn about so many medical terms, and now whenever I talk to my friend who wants to become a doctor, I know what he says because of you. You've given me knowledge that I will now carry with me. You've also made me have an obsession with medical shows and now I will continue to watch them, although they won't compare to how amazing you were. You also gave me more actors to obsess/crush over, and even an actress when I thought I'd never find any actresses I'd love.

House, you are amazing and I will love you forever. Even when other people have moved on from you, I will still continue to watch you and play the PC game whenever I am bored. You have become a huge part of my life and I will never forget you. I owe you much.

BRAVO to the writers and team for making the House series finale amazing and heartwrenching. I don't think I've cried so much for the ending of a show like I did with this one. This will stay with me until the day I die, and I will never forget it. Hugh, Robert, Jessie, Olivia, and the others, you were fantastic in your roles and I loved each and every one you. And thank you so much David Shore, for creating the most amazing show that spanned eight seasons in eight years.

Thank you House for everything. I will miss you terribly.



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