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Allister Takame: Avatar

Name: Allister Takame

Age: 21

Gender: Male
Bends: Fire and Lightning

Personality: Allister loves to fight and loves to meet and fight new competitors. He sometimes is anti-social but can makes friends easily. He has low-tolerance for people, which can get him into fights a lot. If he likes you, then he will give you respect, if he doesn't like you, well, you'll eat a fireball to the face.

Job?: Probender-Practice Squad

Hobbies: Pro-bending, sword training, firebending, lightning bending, and playing sports.

Weapon: Allister's weapon is a katana that he doesn't unsheathe unless it's necessary. Other than his sword, he uses his fists, feet, and firebending.

Lives: In the residential area of Republic City.

Bio: Allister was born and raised in Republic City. From early on he was despised because of his anger. However, at the age of 16, Allister lost his parents to an attack by some thugs who were just early-goers in the Equalist movement. Because of this he has low-tolerance for people, especially Equalists. Allister vows to punish all Equalists and exact revenge. Allister decided to join the Pro-bending league as a way to make money. Even though Allister isn't on the main roster, he still has excellent pro-bending skills, he just chooses not to flaunt it. Allister eventually realized that the only way to survive in the world he lives in...is to take it by storm.

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