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Hetalia Pairings
These are all the pairings (though there are many that aren't on the list as well) that I like to roleplay as. I am putting them here in so I do not loose this list and/or a place to direct anyone to see and choose which ones they would like to do.

Also, as well as pairings being put here, I would also like to palce which universes I like to roleplay in. I like canon, nyotalia, gakuen, catalia, 2p, cardverse, HetaOni...everything is really fine with me. Crossovers too. I am very open to any ideas people may have as well.

Pairings that I like to RP:
(the order of the pairings are usually what I like, but they can change)

Germany x Italy
Spain x Romano
Prussia x Romano
Greece x Japan
Turkey x Greece
Greece x Japan /x Turkey
Prussia x Japan
Cuba x Canada
Prussia x Canada
Canada x Fem!Prussia
Netherlands x Canada
France x Canada
Hungary x Austria
Prussia x Austria
Austria x Switzerland
Sweden x Finland
Denmark x Norway
Lithuania x Poland
Sealand x Latvia
(Nyotalia)Fem!France x Austria
Hungary x Prussia (because of prior pairing)
Russia x China
Male!Taiwan x Fem!America
Male!Ukriane x Fem!Canada
Fem!Spain x France
Fritz x Prussia
France x Jeanne D'Arc
Iceland x Hong Kong
America x Molossia
2p!South Korea x 2p!Fem!America
Rome x Germania

With OCs:

Iceland x (OC)Hawaii
(OC)Texas x (OC)Louisiana
(OC)Macedonia x Alexander the Great

If you wish to rp any of these with me, just send me a PM or a Comment on my main profile. I would love to rp with anyone, and I am still open for anyting.