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poem 5-3-12
there are so many things i hold clear, here is a list of why i love u so dear .

your heart is pure ,jental as a butterfly ,dark like a vampire ,misterieas as magic i hold so dear, funny as a chatty kitten ,soft as the skin of flowers the sent draws me neer , soft loving arms that hold me tight ,voice of rythem like the beat of a drum,lips so soft and warm i cant resist the urge,smile so welcome it makes me blush, smells of colone and flowers and darkness a must,honest and never tells a lie the winds wisper your mind and i cry to hear them forever in my mind,heat of the sun awaits on ur skin the sight or touch draws everything in,graceful as a gental dove wings of an angel filled with love, kind to all never denti the path u choos is the futur so vivedly bright,u forgive like no other and i smile with love like no other, words u speak so romantic and sweet i feel as if my heart skips a beat , ur heart is the most beauitful of all it beats for all and i wish i could hear the beat at night as i lay in bed and fall asleep, u speak ur mind u have nothing to hide its like nothing ive ever seen in my life ,are goddess nyx loves us all but she thinks of u as her one and all,i think of u all the time somtimes i cant pass the time with out thinking of a single reason y i wouldnt love u nothing would ever make me not love u,i feel ur emoutions i feel ur heart i feel u alone cause we are so fare apart but im here in ur heart and its never a lie and i await u in the dark of night when the moon shines bright and i see u 4 the first time in my life nothing can taire us apart 4 i am 4ever urs we will never b apart i will love u always my angel just remember im ther even when u cant see me im always there in ur loving heart.smilies/icon_heart.gifsmilies/icon_heart.gifsmilies/icon_heart.gif