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Darinee's Hack <3

So I'm here to talk about a little girl that hopped into my life and made it a wonderland of exciting rollercoasters. Know who I'm talking about? Her name is Christina Gober. She's my bestest friend in the entire world and I could ask for nothing better than her. She helped through my problems and makes me smile whenever I was down. It was like frowning was not an option whenever you're with her. Her randomness keeps me laughing and the conversation going. You can talk to this girl and she'll give you the weirdest convo in your life. But in a good way. -points finger at whoever is reading- If you ever DARE to hurt my friend's feelings in anyway. Whether is physical, emotional, psychological, and even toilet-dasical(i know its not a word) you will recieve a whole can of buttwhooping. But yeah this girl is awesome, been there and know whats cool. <3

love you; D a r i n e e