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"Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction..." - TV commercial
Lab Rat 38-2: ...But It Will Get You Killed
Annie:...But it will get you killed. I wouldn't repeat this to anyone if I were you.

(Annie looks at each of them as if to say she'd kill them each herself if they repeat any of this.)

Annie: Like I said this is about vengence. I'm sure all of you probably are aware that when Lab Rat #213 was -

Louise: Her name's Amari.

Annie: Shutup. I'm talking. And this isn't about her; it's about me. When the rat started doing fairly well, my parents got into a disagreement about DeGenEx's moral standing - a disagreement that ending with my mother putting a bullet in my father's head.

Louise and James: You're out to get Cable?

Tieg: It's a little more than just wanting to get even with her mother. Amari getting out. Her being found. That wasn't exactly an accident.

Louise: What...what do you mean?

Annie: He means the rat was let out intentionally. I intentionally let her out. And I might have also intentionally tipped off a certain man hell-bent on burning down places associated with DeGenEx. I might have gone so far as to start on of those fires.

James: But you're not against the Lab Rat project....

Annie (irritated): No! It's not about her. I've told you it's about me. Why would I start those fires just days before letting the rat out? Oh I don't know, to create a chaos situation? To distract Cable?

James: Couldn't you have just - shot - Cable and called it good?

Annie (standing): Oh you don't know anything about vengence! You don't understand it.

Annie (calmer): Of course I really couldn't expect you two to understand. My point is I need you two, so lay low and don't do anything stupid or I will kill you both with my bare hands.

Tieg: Annie, maybe we should go now.

Annie (nodding): Yeah let's go.

(Annie follows Tieg out the door. Once they've left James and Louise look at each other.)

Louise: What have we gotten ourselves into?

James: I...I don't know. But Annie just then....She sounded like Cable.

(Meanwhile in the hall)

Tieg: Annie, you've got to watch your temper. We don't want another incident right?

Annie: Uh-huh.

(There's a pause.)

Annie: I'm taking off now alright. I got to try and meet up with...you know.

Tieg: As yourself?

Annie: Of course not.

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