Today I went to a birthday party. The little one's name is Brayden, and he turned two today heart

He's the son of my mother's friend, Sally, who works with my mother. She's as kind as she is a lovely lady. The last time I saw her was at Brayden's 1st birthday party. Both times were at a park, but this time, we had gone to a small splash park. It was wonderful. heart It was a fair size, with a fair amount of fountains going. All the children enjoyed themselves, so that's all that matters. About a dozen at the most.

I was able to catch up with other mothers I have seen previously at their baby showers. So I recognized a few toddlers as well as kids. I think one girl was close to my age, but I doubt it.

Today is warm, but the breeze was just right. And we were all in the shade, so it was perfect weather. The splash park was fenced in, but right next to where we sat. As well as the parking lot on the other side of us. Absolutely perfect for outing with your family. heart

The party was only for three hours, but it was all worth it. I love being able to get out and socialize, even if I'm not sure anyone would care to hear my opinions. But I had a blast today, even if I wasn't the one running around in the water. I'm too old for that... Maybe at a waterpark I'll do so.. cat_sweatdrop Long story short, I had fun, but now that I've been home, I'm SO tired. I feel old!!