Well, these past two days have been a living Hell. After my last entry, my father came into my room and did the exact opposite of what I needed. Rather than being caring and compassionate about how I felt, he decided it was better to treat me like s**t; the very thing I got angry at my mother for doing. Perfect logic, I want you to stop yelling and screaming at me and dehumanizing me, so you yell and scream at me and dehumanize me. It was beautiful. My father confirmed everything that I had said to my mother, that they see me as a failure and a burden to them.

I have to get out of here. I can't stay here any longer. I'm a prisoner in my own home. I went into a frenzy of putting in applications, I no longer have any hopes or dreams for the future, but I must LEAVE THIS s**t HOLE NOW.