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Character Description
Kieran “Clover” O'Malley
Ҝɨҽɍɑɳ ѳѵҽɍ Ѳ'ɑҽɏ

Character Name: Kieran “Clover” O'Malley

Species/Race: Human

Gender: Female

Apparent Age: 25

Month of Birth: March 14, 1986

Height: 5’10

Weight: 186

Physical Description: she is very voluptuous but is very self conscious about her body. she has a tendency to wear baggy clothes and such. She has back problems so she has to wear a brace and pop pain pills.

Usual Wardrobe: a couple of gun holsters with her favorite guns, and a lot of well placed knives out of view, maybe a hidden gun or two.

Behavior/Personality: She has a quick temper she is going to a therapist to deal with her outbursts and self consciousness. She has a soft heart, She likes most animals but suffers from arachnophobia, so she tends to exhibit tension around spiders. Her favorite animal is the turtle. She is full blooded Irish. Her father gave her, her first gun and sent her to Ireland to be trained by the best assassin in Ireland. That is where she found her Four leafed clover and became 'Clover'. She is a people person and has the downfall of trying to please everyone.

Quirks: going under and never waking up, and failing as a assassin. She has a body pillow that she won't sleep without named Mr. Lumpy and a stuffed turtle named Dr. Turbo PHD.

Skills: Kieran can cook, clean, take apart any gun and put it together,Hack into almost anything, She is a great shot.

Strengths: Kieran is very inexperienced in romantic relationships.

Weaknesses: she can get embarrassed easily.

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