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In one ear and out the other...
I hate it. I told him I'd be fine borrowing movies from next door as long as they met 1 condition.

And what he brings me...doesn't meet that one condition. And then he acts like an a** about it. Puts it all over on me which is bunk. I was straightforward about the whole thing. I'm always straightforward about stuff like that. It's not that it won't stick in his head. He knows. He remembers. He's just trying to bully me. I don't appreciate that.

The whole thing will turn into a big fight later. I've got the day for mental reinforcement. Better not waste it.

Anyway, things went as they did. I didn't finish VoV. Just a little over 70 pages left. Might be able to knock that out before he leaves today but given my current temperament it's not likely. We skipped the store yesterday (just a quick run for emergency agave during which I stayed home and worked on not throttling the dog) but every time I picked up the damn book he decided he had something to say to me. It never fails. I can sit and wait for any amount of time but it's not till I pick up a project that there's something urgent going on. I swear he waits me out.

Bah. It's in my best interests not to go on.