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Dog jail from dark-to-dark.
And believe me I am fathomlessly resentful. Aaaand gotta hit the store today. Ran out of agave yesterday. Thought we had another bottle. (Thought wrong.) Having bitter, white coffee today. But at least it is palatable enough that I can actually have coffee. That's good for everybody.

Amalurd. Don't like Adessa. Ran amok for a little while and then just quit 'cause I didn't want to run amok anymore.

1/3 of the way through NFtE: Vampires of Vermont. Probably won't finish today what with the shopping run and my budding determination to abandon H at the earliest possible opportunity.

Amla didn't wash all the way out of my hair last night. Thaaaat's a good look. /sarcasm.

Finished the main body of my website. Gotta figure out the jewelry page other than deletions and then go through the painful process of gutting the photo pages. Plus I kinda wanna thumbnail the guest archive but what a freaking mess...

I dunno. Figure it out later.