Gachul Babo
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4 Deaths total this year

This year is like the year before, Death, sadness, and hurt. I lost alot this year and it has not hit 1/2 a year yet. 2 deaths were like family, a young boy and now his mother. I hate that this is happening... My mind is asleep.... my body is in pain and my heart is fickle.... ahhhh ******** it... Im sorry loves but I can't think right.... so yeah! I wanna laugh at how ******** this year has become.... but i keep crying, sooner or later my tears will dry up.... and maybe I would be next... why does God hurt me soo much... no I wont blame him... I blame fate, thank you fate for dealing me this horrid fate of sorrow... Now fate deal me death and i shall hunt you down, and kill you myself before you kill the ones I love....