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Today was great.
Went the chalk art thing with Cassie, while it was horribly miserably hot and Cassie got burned to a crisp it was fun.
I also finally got a library card so I can finish the multiple series I'm currently reading as well as do more research on multi-dimensional physics. Got "The Demon Haunted World" by Carl Sagan, and "HyperSpace" by BBC
went to my dads wedding/party. It was good, seeing the marrige kinda brought the thought that I have a new mom to gravity. It's good, because she's more than a mother than my blood mother.
But what was /really/ awesome was the Jam session I had. This rather old guy named Arte, He plays the fiddle. I played and sang Old number 7 and Hotel California while he rocked on the fiddle. Almost felt like being in a band. It was odd playing with another insturment but it sounded awesome and everyone that heard it really enjoyed it and applauded us. It felt great, I finally feel like i'm making progress in guitar. He also showed me some sweet finger picking styles, as well as some bluesy/ swing chords. Also learned the major Riff in Foxy lady. Also, cassie showed up and it went well, which I liked.
all in all a really good day.