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I finally got the answers i wanted. Was ballsy enough to ask the questions that have been on my mind for weeks and months. I feel so worn out. Emotionally spent. I cant give anymore. Theres nothing left in me. I have given you everything that i got. Every ounce of love that i had. I gave you 200%. More than you deserve because i didnt get much back. Not even 50%. You couldnt even do that for me. But i always felt that you didnt care. Or not as much as i did. You meant so much to me. I would have done so much FOR you. I said i loved you and that i'd move for you if we ever go that serious. That we could make trips. It could work out. But you werent for it. Said you were realistic but i know you just didnt want it bad enough. And it hurts. Half a year of hoping and loving and being supportive and patient. I had believed it could have worked out. And now im the one struggling. Im the one hurting and crying over you. Cause i wish things worked out and we could have been happy if you just let it be. You were always in control and still are. My friends dont like you because they always had to pick up the pieces. Said i deserve someone better. Said i should cut you off because youre damaging. And i dont know about that but i need to be happy.