Dear Journal,

I should tell you this. Naturally, I'm a very happy person. I'm the kind of person who just wants to enjoy everything what life could possibly give to me. I'm also a pretty decent person, if I say so myself. I don't have mortal enemies or any nemesis. I don't hold grudges (although it is really hard to forget some bad things that people do to you). I can be with any kinds of people (eg. nerds, girly-girls, hipsters, boys, lgbt, etc.). I easily forgive people and it's hard for me to say no to anyone.


So, yeah... I'm a good person. (Right? Right.)

The problem is, even though I have done nothing (absolutely nothing) incredibly wrong, life practically throws s**t at my face. While most of the people I know are having new cool things or are going to cool places, I get nothing and go nowhere. While I treat everyone (like, I mean everyone) like a true friend, they treat me like crap. It's like they're abusing my goodness to them. It's like, I do something good to them and they do crap things to me in return. Like what the hell? I don't even deserve this. Or maybe I do. But why? Why, damnit!


*huffs in frustration* emo