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Project Shadow the Hedgehog Robotnik
Writing helps pass the time. Read if you wish... I wont mind.
Blood wolf 1
Nugh, what happened? W-where am I? I shook off in the dead leaf nest. I looked up through the trees, bare from winter and a cool breez blew through my fur. I don't exactly remember what happenrd last night. I know I wasn't in a forest thats for sure. Where was I last??

I got up pading my way to a stream my ears picked up on. I peered into the running water with small little fish swimming here and there. Looking into my reflection I saw those big demon yellow firey eyes looking back at me. An image I had been frightened of when I first saw my trasformation. But now used to it, I wasn't so intimadaded by myself, or my reflection I should say. I had a funny tast lingering in my mouth, like I strangly just sucked on a hand full of nickles. Could it be the tast of blood? Lapping up the water to get the tast out of my mouth I shook off the sleep that still lingered.

I don't know when I went to bed, but I slept as if I was dead. And how ever I got here, served as some bad news. Could I have not been in control of my inner beast that night and wondered out of the city... I hope thats all I did, and the blood tast was from an animal. I found my way back to the city no problem. But before getting into populated areas I made sure to keep into human form. Having the Blood Wolf as an inner beast/demon it comes with great responsibliaties, and things you have to get used to. Such as never showing your inner beast to the public, and 99.9% of the time be feared, shunned, and even shot at.

Ofcourse I do have those few good friends that have my back. I walked up the stairs to my apartment searching for the keys in my pocket. Only, bad luck seems to have me on it's favorites list, so of course I didn't have them on me. I went for my back pocket and thankfully still had my wallet. Sliding my ID card by the lock I was able to unlock the door and get into my apartment, where bad luck shows it's love for me once again. It looked as if a tornado struck my apartment! It was ransacked, robbed, turned compleatly upside down!!!

I went for the phone to call the police but, the wire had been cut, and mycell phone, well it's where ever my keys are. (lost) So I knocked on my neighbors door, who happen to be one of those grumply old slobs who don't do anything unless you're going to give them something. Yeah, my life is just perfict isn't it?

Hi Mrs. Guidenss, Could I borrow your phone? I need to call the police my apartment was just robbed. I quickly explained. She stood there, a stout dumpy middle aged woman with more wrinkles than she should have at her age. She rolled her eyes and opened the door, Jeezes kid, when are you ever going to start having a normal day? Everyday it's either you lose your keys, the apartment is a mess, your wondering the street naked,
Whoa whoa what!? I never done that!
Oh... well maybe It was a dream that you didm but all be darned if it's not the next stupid thing you do.
Um... I'm not even going to ask how that was a dream of yours. Now can I use the phone?
I think you just need to get laid. Go to one of those clubs like normal men your age does, pick you up a hoochie from the bolavard that'll fix you up.
PHONE please!?!? this woman always thought sex was the ultimate cure, that and cigeretts. She handed me the phone and lit another smoke.
By the way, you didn't get a dog did you? No pets are alowed you know that right.
I side glanced back at her with curiousness, A dog? No I couldn't I work to much, and yeah pet's arent alowed here so why would I?
Well then maybe them robbers of yours ransacked the place and had their dog with em! I heard something over there last night, growling and thumping around...
I put down the phone now nervous, I haven't been robbed, that was ME!
U-um... you know what, I just realized I'm late for work. I can call later. Thanks BYE! I ran out the door.
HEY BOY WAIT! Mah phone!! She yelled back. I looked at my hand realizing I clutched her house phone tightly and groaned stopping and turning back, Sorry....

She shook her head at me and closed the door. I opened my door and looked closely at the fruniture, big slash marks on the sofa and pillow fluff was every where. Chairs leg's gnawed on like a bone and claw marks streeked across the wall. My hand slapped over my mouth looking at the mess I made but no recolection of doing it at all.


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