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i do no kno how ... much longer i am willing ... to lay here and pretend ... that everything is okay. it is not. we are related, but we are not family. i need to go, leave, soon, now. but i need money for that, in which i need a job, but no one is hiring, and a job would mean i would stay here longer. i should have gotten a job when i moved here with these people last summer ... last summer? a year it has been already? i must leave, worse than mother, different but still worse. where will i go? Cali with Donnie? Missouri, but not with "dear ole dad"... ? just a large child. i have to leave. i am too young to be 18, i still see the 6 year old i was, my blue PS2 controller constantly in hand. why do times change? i want to go back. i want to stop crying. it is wrong, everything is all wrong! have to leave, go, where? anywhere. now. i wish it was over. at least he is thru with me, not holding me here anymore. why me? happy birthday Douche Bag Dane Blythe, i still give two ******** about you, even if you do not about me, because i am your bestfriend.