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Hollow Fields Summer Fanfic Project
So here's the synopsys:

After spending summer vacation at Hollow Fields, Claude McGinty has been anticipating the start of the academic year with great anxiety. He hopes Lucy will return, but fears that she may decide agaisnt it and enter a regular boarding school. On the other side of things, Dr. Bleak was sruggling to find new teachers to replace the long gone Engineers. All hope seemed lost for the cause, untill he met Ms. Maribel Hearn, who recomended a diverse set of teachers for his staff. Enthralled by the offer Dr. Bleak agrees post haste, and dispatches Ms. Hearn to convey the message to the potential teachers.

However on opening day the teachers are no where to be found, and the cooking drones have shut down!

OH NO! who will cook the world class feast for the children now?