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Project Shadow the Hedgehog Robotnik
Writing helps pass the time. Read if you wish... I wont mind.
*** I am painting a picture with words. (because i don't draw too well, and its even horrible on the computer!) anyway, there is no story or plot to this. no adventure or anything as such... idk its just something to do to pass the time because emo no one is on atm.***

Walk in from the airid 89 degree wether. The inside of the house is a cooling 75 degrees and your eyes are still adjusting themselfs to see in the darkened house.

After a few blinks you are able to see and really appreciate the cold a/c. The livingroom, which you have just entered, has a 50" plasma flat screen t/v hanging to your right hand side being as how you entered in from the south. Around the t/v are small gray speakers handing on each side of the t/v and one ontop. Below the black t/v is a black wooden stand holding a cable box slightly thick with dust, and the green numbers on the clock reading 11:25am. On the second shelf of the stand is a black xbox, again slightly filmed with dust, and on the very last bottom shelf a silver DVD/CD/Radio player. A red stand by light glowed showing the apliance is not in use. All the wires are hidden by a white pannel on the wall, which stands out from the gleaming tan painted walls. Further on in there is a old heater thick with dust built into the wall. And a door after the heater, leading into a dark hall way.

Now, to your right you look to see a perl white leather couch that takes up all of the right wall and the half of the north wall. In the center there is an audamin to prop your feet. On the west wall there are also two large abstract paintings, of ink blots. One with black back ground and white blots, and the other consisting of white background with black blots. On the north wall there it a small horizontal mirror in the middle of two small vertacl mirrors with a wodden frame with candle holders, with no candles.The corner being made by west and north wall holds a two headed lamp, which is off for the day. Also there is another door way leadinging into the kitchen, which has the light off. And after the doorway of the kitchen there is a fish tank on a black stand. With 6 small fish swimming and ducking about. In the fish tank lined in a row is a easter island head and pinapple from the nickalodian show Sponge Bob. And a volcaino, the rocks on the bottom are white, with red rocks starting from the volcano, as if it had erupted.

On south wall, aside from the front door in which you just entered, there is two windows with tan/white cuirtains and a small table by the couch to place things such as coffee, or other beverage. The floor is all wood and could stand to be re-swept. The two windows are open letting in the sun light from outside.

And that is my living room... (haha)

Pr0ject Shadow
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