Ginny: "Well three years of not writing a skit and now I have a weird bug up my butt and I want to start writing them again. Now that my dad is letting me use his computer. And everyone will be happy to know that my spelling has improved drastically. sweatdrop On to the Skit!"

Wulfy: "No! Your not getting away with this that easily!" scream *glares at Ginny*

Tsuki: "Why the hell did you put our lives on hiatus!?" *also glares and pulls out scythe* stressed

Sakura: "Yeah! What was so important that you had to put our lives on hold?!" *glares and crosses her arms as Tsuki and Wulfy advance on poor Ginny*

Ginny: *backs away from the three girls, waving her hands in front of her face* "Uh, my life...heh heh." sweatdrop redface

Wulfy: eek stare scream

Tsuki: eek stare scream

Sakura: stare *Watches with amusement as Wulfy and Tsuki, chase Ginny around the room.

Ginny: gonk "Stop chasing me! I got you each presents!"

Wulfy & Tsuki: *Stop in their tracks and cross their arms waiting for their gifts.*

Sakura: surprised "You got presents!? GIMME GIMME GIMME!!!!!" *Tackles Ginny*

Ginny: eek gonk *Gets knocked down by Sakura* "Get off me and I'll be more then happy to."

Sakura: *jumps off of Ginny and waits for present*

Ginny: rolleyes "Here you go!" *Out of now where three wolf puppies appear at Ginny's feet. One pure white, one pure black and one gray.*

Tsuki & Wulfy & Sakura: surprised whee heart *All three scream girly* "We love you Ginny!"

Ginny: 3nodding "You damn skippy you do!"

Tsuki: "I call the gray one!" *Kneels down and pets her wolf*

Sakura: "I call the white one!" *Snatches up the pup and cuddles it as it licks her face*

Wulfy: "Yeah! That means I get the black one!" *kneels down, and lets the wolf puppy smell her hand. The black wolf pup licks her hand and she pats it's head gently.

Ginny: *looks around* "Hey, wheres Hiro?"

Hiro: "BOO!" *grabs Ginny's shoulders*

Ginny: gonk eek *Jumps so high she goes through the ceiling*

Tsuki: "I thought she was human?"

Wulfy: O, she is. Now she's the only human here though."

Sakura: *looks up long enough to see Ginny land face first onto the ground and goes back to cuddling her white wolf*

Hiro: rofl

Tsuki & Wulfy: rofl rofl

Ginny: *gets up with tears in her eyes* What was that for Hiro? emo And when did your greens eyes turn red?" eek

Hiro: *Stops laughing long enough to say>* "That was my personal present for putting MY life on hold. And Tsuki changed me...if you're the creator shouldn't you know that?"

Ginny: eek "Why yes! Of course I knew!" 3nodding

Wulfy: Yeah...right. stare

Ginny: "Heh...heh...Well! I need to go home. So you guys can finish the skit!" *runs away before any of them can protest*

Tsuki: stare "With how quickly she runs, I don't think she's human..." *Pets her wolf*

Wuify: Smells human to me. So, whatcha guys gonna name your wolves?

Sakura: Yuki! mrgreen

Tsuki: *shrugs* "I don't know. What do you think we should name him Hiro?"

Hiro: "Hmmm, how about Sköll?"

Tsuki: "Skull? stare What kind of name is that?"

Wulfy: rolleyes "Tsuki, it's spelled S-K-O-L-L."

Tsuki: stare "Ok, but still what kind of a name is that?"

Sakura: "Yeah that name sounds weird, and is spelled even weirder."

Wulfy and Hiro: *anime fall*

Wulfy: "You want me to explain Hiro?"

Hiro: "Go for it."

Wulfy: *Takes a deep breath, looks between Sakura and Tsuki who are staring at her* " In Norse mythology, Sköll is a wolf that chases two horses that drag the chariot which contains the sun, through the sky every day.Sköll is trying to eat the sun. Sköll has a brother, named Hati, who chases and tries to eat the moon. At Ragnarök, or the Norse version of Armageddon, both Sköll and Hati will succeed in their quests."

Sakura: eek "That sounds scary! Why would she want to name him that?"

Tsuki: "Why do you ask why Sakura? Now that I know where the name comes from that sounds awesome!" mrgreen

Wulfy: "Well since you're naming yours Sköll, I'll name mine Hati!" 4laugh *Wulfy high fives Tsuki*

Sakura: *whispers* "It's OK Yuki, I know their nuts but you'll get use to it."

Hiro: *Walks up to Tsuki and pets Sköll, who is in her arms.*

Wulfy: "So....whens the next skit supposed to be out?" *scratches Hati behind the head*

Sakura: "No idea."

Wulfy: "Hey Tsuki, lets go track Ginny down and ask her about!" *Runs out of the room to go look for Ginny, Hati running behind her*

Tsuki & Hiro: mrgreen "We're right behind you!" *run out after Wulfy, with Sköll right behind them*

Sakura: stare sweatdrop *Looks at you through your computer screen* "Well, guess the skit is over see you guys next time!" *Walks away with Yuki in arms and the red curtains drop and applause fill the room!*