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~*Between the Spaces*~
Pieces of work from Aria Rothsbane.
† Despair in the Darkness †
The sky warped the sun's shape as it set behind the clouds. In some ways it resembled a crescent. But to Aria, as it peered about the clouds, it seemed to bear glowing orange points: the horns of a demon. It was an omen to her that filled her with immensely strange feelings. She paused only for a moment to briefly forget her dire situation as she stared at it. The warm, mysterious rays enveloped her body as she realized they were the final rays of the evening. With a start she was thrown back into the moment.
The church that sat beyond beckoned to her quietly, its hallow halls echoing with the sounds of silent souls as they drifted aimlessly in sorrow.
"What choice do I have?" She thought scurrying up the walkway. She was hoping to elude the nightmares that followed her. Throwing herself against the doors she stumbled inside the dark structure. Her eyes widened as she saw the dark figure in front of the altar, its arms loosely down by its sides with its eyes closed... all of it was draped in black shadows and cloth.
Her breath ceased momentarily. The sun would disappear in only a matter of minutes. How unfortunate. The things she had tried to escape had in actuality lead her to what she ultimately fled from.
The doors shut behind her, almost silently. The dim light that penetrated the stained glass behind the sleeping figure seemed to spell 'silence'. She saw the creature's muscles twitch and dove instinctively into a row of pews. She covered her head with her hands as if the ceiling was expected to be caving in at any moment. She remained like that for a while, far too frightened to move. What was it that she really feared?

The minutes passed by and yet she heard no sound or sign of the creature waking. Gathering her bravery she peeked above one of the seats and shakily gazed upon its face. All at once the eyes opened and locked onto her, making her body freeze. A devilish smirk curled its form across the thing's face.
"My God..." she managed, her whole body feeling as if it were being compressed. She could feel the beginnings of hyperventilation working itself on her.
"There is no God here, child. Only darkness and the deepest despair you will ever find, or ever come to know." The voice was cold and fluid-like. As if it were the icy waters of a rushing river. The words enveloped her, taking all warmth from her body. She began shivering from a combination of fear and cold. "What? You seem so faint, child. Aren't you feeling well?" With each word the voice sucked even more life out of her. The figure had yet to move anything but its lips and eyes, and yet she felt as if it were circling her such as a predator might circle its prey.
"...You-..." Her arms, though frozen from fright, began to shake with cold and her grip on the bench loosened ever slightly. The creature, at her words, had moved its head in an almost irritated gesture.
"Silence. Those lips of yours will remained sealed until I wish to hear your voice. Most likely only as you cry out for mercy or even death." It said. It lifted its arm and pointed at her narrowing its eyes. She went limp, falling to the ground, her eyes closing slowly. She heard footsteps. "...So you will let your fear control you. What a lucky one you are. Perhaps you shall have better luck with Him..." It said icily.
Her eyes shut and her body became rigid as ice crystals grew around her, encasing her in both a painful and protective shell. She was unable to determine anything once she was completely frozen and, for an immeasurable amount of time, remained dormant.

-A short segment by Aria Rothsbane

Aria Rothsbane
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